dogTwitter is a community full of great minds offering valuable advice, but let’s face it, we have all at some point felt overwhelmed by the amount of content shared on the platform daily. To combat such problems, we have devised a list of top B2B Marketing gurus to follow on Twitter!

So what determines the list you may ask?

Well, the accounts were ranked from 0-10 according to an algorithm performed on the Meltwater Buzz platform. Influence was judged based on a variety of variables such as followers to following ratio, quality of followers and content posted (B2B marketing) to source the top English speaking global B2B marketing gurus.


B2B Marketing guru #1- Steve Farnsworth (rank 7.64)

Steve FarnsworthComing in at number one is Steve Farnsworth. Steve is the Demand Generation Content Marketing Strategist for Steveology Group; a content marketing agency serving high tech B2B organisations. With years of experience in the field and also having been crowned LinkedIn’s ‘Top 25 Social Media Marketing Experts You Need to Know,’ it’s no surprise that Steve appeared top of Meltwater Buzz’s B2B Marketing influencer list. Follow @Steveology for insights into content marketing, loyalty marketing, digital marketing and demand and lead generation.


B2B Marketing guru #2- Elton Mayfield (rank 7.56)

Elton Mayfield
Founding partner of B2B agency ET Marketing, Elton Mayfield offers invaluable advice to his followers accumulated over 30 years of experience in financial, marketing and production roles. His diverse career allows those who follow @EltonMayfield to gain updates on an array of topics. From insights into the building industry, tradeshow management, strategic planning to advertising, Elton is your man!


B2B Marketing Guru #3- Britty Wagner (rank 6.55)

Britty Wagner


As director of Lead Lifter and social media expert, Britty works within B2B tech marketing to capture high quality leads from existing websites. Regularly tweeting from her handle @Britty_Wagner, followers can expect handy tips on a range of subjects including SEO, SEM, PPC and digital marketing.




B2B Marketing Guru #4- Mike Kunkle (rank 6.36)

Mike Kunkle


Sales Force Transformation Leader, Mike Kunkle currently serves as the Commercial Training & Development Manager for GE Capital’s Equipment Finance platform. Regularly taking to Twitter to talk about areas such as sales force training, optimisation, transformation and consultancy, @mike_kunkle is the person to follow for those working in the field of sales performance improvement.



B2B Marketing Guru #5- Jonathan Becher (rank 6.19)

Jonathan Becher


As chief Marketing Officer of SAP, Jonathan is an active tweeter, performance management enthusiast and a frequent speaker at industry events. @jbecher regularly shares updates about his evolving role as CMO and tweets tips on how to achieve total business success.


B2B Marketing Guru #6- Andrew Smith (rank 6.17)




Great B2B marketing mind, Andrew Smith, is the Digital Marketing Director of B2B technology company CaerVision. With over a decades experience in digital marketing, Andrew is passionate about social media and technology. @andrewsmith1443 is the page to be if you are interested in CRM, mobile marketing and SEO, amongst other focus areas.



So that concludes our list of some of the top B2B marketing mentors who we can assure will add real value to our timelines. This is an optimal list so let us know of any additional great B2B marketing minds you would recommend by commenting in the box below. Alternatively, you can tweet us @Meltwater, after all, we wouldn’t want to miss out on their useful posts either!