For PR professionals, there’s no denying the value of social media. Because of its impressive capabilities, we can drive consumer spending, engage with audiences and respond to crisis in record time – and with less money.

But in a corporate landscape where budgets rely on tangible results – how do you successfully measure your digital efforts in order to prove ROI? Is there a way to know if your social content influenced the right consumers at the right time? And how do you demonstrate all of this information to the C-suite?

In order to prove the value of social media – and ensure your team’s digital marketing efforts aren’t going to waste – you’ll need to measure your online activity in terms of reach, engagement and ROI.

Here are the top ten social media KPIs you should be measuring every day:


Measuring reach won’t tell you if your followers converted to paying customers – but it will tell you if your messaging and content is appropriate for your target audience.Therefore, measuring reach is an important first step.


The number of followers you have will tell you how many people see your content, and is an easy way to understand your target market’s demographic.

2. Share of voice

Share of voice is your social media performance in relation to your competitors. Knowing your share of voice will tell you where to focus your efforts in order to be part of more conversations online.

3. Traffic

Knowing how many people visit your webpage and/or your social media profile/page is another key metric to consider. If web traffic isn’t converting to likes/follows, you’ll want to change your strategy – and fast.


Engagement refers to how your target audience or followers interact with your content online, and is the ‘conversation’ you have with your online consumers.

4. Likes/comments

Measuring likes and comments will show you how your content is being received by your target audience. This tells you what content to continue in the future and what to remove or change. Reading comments also provides you with real-time customer feedback.


Post shares will separate your fans from your raving fans – and will tell you who to engage with in order to build brand loyalty.

6. Mentions

Mentions are important because they measure the conversations being had about your brand outside of your immediate pages or profiles. You want to measure the sentiment of these mentions to ensure you’re not receiving negative reviews or comments on platforms you’re not active on or on pages you’re not necessarily monitoring.

7. Click-throughs

This is how many of your followers or page-viewers clicked on your webpage link. You want these click-throughs to convert to paying customers.


These are the tangible metrics you can use to prove how your social media efforts resulted in paying customers.

8. Hashtags

Asking customers to use an exclusive hashtag when posting about a product or service is a great way to measure campaign success.

9. Special codes

Telling your social media followers to use special discount codes at checkout is another great way to find out if your social campaign drove sales.

10. Surveys

The best way to find out if your social media activity resulted in webpage visitors and/or paying customers is to ask them. Simple survey questions like ‘how did you find out about us?’ or ‘do you follow us on social media?’ will categorize your customers into social followers and non-social followers.

With media monitoring software like Meltwater, measuring social media KPIs is simple. And with the insights you gather from social media, you’ll have no trouble converting your online efforts into proven results the C-suite can appreciate.

About the author:

Mimrah Mahmood is the Asia-Pacific Regional Director of Media Solutions at Meltwater, where he helps numerous organisations break down media data (social, print and other), to create meaningful insights; build progressive and scientific frameworks to track efforts in PR and marketing; build road-maps to improve communications plans; and identify opportunities and threats that arise from competitors.

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