Meltwater had the honour to be the official Media Intelligence Partner at PR Asia 2016, which took place at the Shangri-la Hotel in Singapore last week. Apart from hosting a three-hour workshop where we shared the in’s and out’s of hijacking a trend, we also learnt a lot from multiple communication and marketing gurus of the PR world.

Lesson 1: Reaching out to the right influencer with the right content.

This is one of the biggest challenges that communication professionals face. Modern PR professionals build close relationships with journalists to broadcast their brand messages to specific audiences. With social media being more and more influential, PR professionals can now add thousands of social media influencers, bloggers, and celebrities to their list of individuals who can broadcast their brand message. But the problem arises due to the rapid changes in social, thus affecting their roles and interest; an influencer who was keen on writing about Fintech last week might not be as interested about the field this week.

The panel discussion “From the other side – the journalist’s perspective” saw editors from BBC World News , The Straits Times, and Marketing Magazine share anecodotes on what it’s really like attempting to build relationships with the wrong people in the wrong way. Our very own Neil Brennan, through the “The Newsjacking Formula” workshop, also shared about how Meltwater’s Influencer Contact Manager can help in identifying the right person to target. From keyword searches to finding old articles written by journalists, it is very important for PR professionals to ensure that the journalist they are reaching out to is relevant to their topic or brand. Neil also shared success stories of our customer Wego who newsjacked Brexit and our very own example of newsjacking Joseph Schooling’s Olympic’s Gold Medal.


Lesson 2: If you don’t have something relevant to say, do not speak

“People do not buy Good & Services. They buy Relations, Stories & Magic.” – Seth Godin

Aldrina Thirunagaran from OCBC shared one of my personal favourite quotes during her keynote speech. As the saying goes “Content is everything”- it’s all about ensuring that our content tells a story which truly speaks to the audience.

Southeast asia is culturally fragmented region. Apart from being relevant in content, Zoe Hibbert, Head, Corporate Communications, Asia Pacific, Visa reminded us that being mindful and sensitive is also extremely important in our region. What is acceptable in America might not be acceptable in all Southeast Asian countries.

Lesson 3: Find your tribe, groom them

By definition, tribes are social divisions in traditional societies consisting of families or communities linked by ties with a common culture and dialect, typically having a recognized leader. In modern marketing, tribes are loosely translated into groups of people with similar social interests.

Not all of us have the luck to work for sexy brands like W Hotel, but Lin Liangmin, Director of Marketing Communications, stressed the importance of identifying your tribe and investing in them. Specifically, identify your tribe leaders – they are usually your biggest influencers. Content marketers spend a good portion of their time creating articles, visuals, photos, videos and audio clips to extend the reach of their brand. By working closer with your tribe, you are not only better able to understand what content should be produced, but also where to look for more people from a similar tribe.

From PR Asia 2016, we most importantly learnt that optimizing influencer relationships is a proven method of achieving business goals. To learn more about the intersection of PR and content marketing, read our ebook, Unlocking PR’s Potential with Content Marketing and learn about how you can align your messaging and create opportunities to reach influencers.


Networking Session_h_m0247The Newsjacking FormulaMeltwater Speakers

From our PR Asia 2016 event, we found out that optimizing influencer relationships is a way to achieve business goals. To learn more about the intersection of PR and content marketing, read our ebook, Unlocking PR’s Potential with Content Marketing about how you can align all your messages and create opportunities to reach influencers.