Meltwater hosted a client event on digital disruption on the 7th of October 2016. It was an honor to have organised this event. We were pleased to host industry giants including Microsoft, Marina Bay Sands, IBM, Mandai Development and Ketchum Singapore for a dialogue on digital disruption. The event drew over 70 marketing and communication professionals to share their knowledge and also expand their network.

“Digital disruption” and “Digital transformation” are the latest buzz words across the world, especially in a time where companies are very cautious about the changes and implications they come with. The speakers touched on key points that companies in almost every industry face – from crisis management in the age of social media, the changing nature of media and its influence, to who sets a company’s key message in the age of digital disruption.


From left: Ross Candido, John Bailey (Ketchum Singapore), Terrence Tang (Mandai Development), Mimrah Mahmood, Andrew Pickup (Microsoft), Timothy Hou (Marina Bay Sands), Susie Wong (IBM), Jackie Cheong, Weldon Fung

Digital disruption is defined as the changes that occur when new digital technologies affect existing business and operational models of a company. Organisations affected by digital disruption should consider applying an end-to-end approach for upgrading and managing their business technologies. It is important that companies understand how technology is transforming industries and how their leaders and employees can respond effectively.

“What I found most interesting was the discussion about disruption versus evolution. Companies need to evolve rapidly along with the change, otherwise their disruptive impact may become too severe to handle. Structured versus unstructured data was another topic I was fascinated with, especially about how it has become even more important for companies these days to take the resources they have in the market and try to make sense of it.” Ross Candido, Managing Director, Client Success of Meltwater.


Andrew Pickup was one of our keynote speakers and he shared how his experiences on how digital disruption is important in today’s changing world.

“I loved how we talked about media fragmentation and disruptive influences of digital in social media. For me personally, it was great to learn from my fellow panelists who come from companies and industry that are so different from my own. I always get something out interesting out of events like this, and I very much enjoyed the time I had here today with Meltwater.”, Andrew said.


The speakers and Meltwater Managing Directors shared their thoughts on the growing emphasis on listening and managing disruptions.

“Today’s digital landscape is changing so fast. But everybody still has the same questions – how is it changing, what do these changes mean and how is it going to affect my business. Sessions like these are extremely useful.” John Bailey, Managing Director of Ketchum said. He added that “social listening is absolutely the key to stay on top of conversations. Without it, it’s very difficult to understand and respond to conversations about you, something which is of utmost importance in today’s world.”

We also heard some great feedback from our clients. One of our clients, Hal Serudin, Corporate Communications Manager APAC at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, said “We’ve been a client of Meltwater for a couple of years. We are a super luxury business that has been hit by digital disruption and it is affecting what we do. With the rise of mobile savvy consumers, understanding the digital space has become more and more important to us.”

He added, “It’s events like this which really help us understand the digital space better. I really enjoyed the event today because of the great speakers, all of who had different opinions and perspectives.”

The event ended with great conversations over wine and good food. Clients let their hair down and had fun at our Meltwater themed photobooth.

Overall, we received a great response from the speakers and clients who attended the event. We are thankful to our clients for attending the event and look forward to hosting more opportunities like this!