A pool table, a well-stocked pantry, and bottomless lattes are among the employee perks that you hear about in a tech company. But have you wondered what it’s like to truly work for Meltwater as a Sales Consultant?

We got an inside look following Crystal Low around for a day. As a Sales consultant, Crystal’s job is to keep up with market trends and provide our potential clients with the best solution possible. Keep reading to get a peek into how a day in the life of a Meltwater employee unfolds.

Meet Crystal Low

Crystal joined Meltwater as a Sales Consultant in January 2019, when she was just fresh out of school. With a Bachelor in Communication Studies from the National University of Singapore (NUS), Crystal never imagined herself in a sales role – until an internship opportunity introduced her to the exciting world of sales. Since then, a career in a fast-paced, dynamic environment has been all she ever wanted. 

So let’s hear what Crystal has to say about her journey so far with Meltwater.

Why Meltwater?

I interviewed with a couple of companies but what made Meltwater stand out was how comfortable they made me feel during the hiring process. Delphine, our Talent Acquisition Manager, was extremely genuine and attentive. If this is how they treat their prospective employees, then I can be certain that they treat their current employees with the same respect as well! The cherry on top was that Meltwater, as a technology firm, operates in a sunrise industry and this means that there is a lot of potential for growth.

“Meltwater operates in a sunrise industry and this means that there is a lot of potential for growth”

What about the role still excites you today?

As it’s a sales role, it’s extremely dynamic and it keeps me on my toes throughout the day. I’m part of the Client Acquisition team that owns the entire sales process from prospecting to closing a deal. Due to our diverse product suite and the industries that we serve, no two days are the same. And that’s what I love about my job!

How do you usually start off your day?

My workday actually begins on my 1-hour commute to the Meltwater office in Tanjong Pagar. This time of personal reflection allows me to think about the goals I want to achieve for the day. I run a priority check on my to-do list, and this helps me organise my time as efficiently as possible,

The first thing I do when I reach the office is to pour myself a bowl of cereal to fuel myself for the morning. Our pantry is well known for our huge display of cereal boxes – we are always spoilt for choice! 

What is “Power Hour”?

Power Hour is how we start our day with a bang! It is when our sales team calls our potential clients to communicate the value of our solutions to them. The energy in the office is infectious – when I see my teammates engaged in animated conversations with their prospects, I, too, am filled with excitement to share our solutions with PR and Communications professionals. Having Power Hour first thing in the morning is great as the energy and mood remains high throughout the day.  

I have to admit, as someone fresh out of school, it was daunting to speak with decision-makers over the phone during the first few weeks of my role. But I am thankful that my managers trust me with such an important and challenging task. Plus with the structured and efficient training program, I have learned how to be an effective communicator and how to better think on my feet. And this has given me the confidence to conduct these calls with ease.

Time to hit the phones
What does the rest of your morning look like?

After making calls, the rest of my morning is spent researching companies who have agreed to explore our solutions in-depth. I have to understand their business needs and pain points so that I can build the most value for them.

In just 10 short months, I have learnt so much about various organisations work and their business models. My critical thinking skills are constantly put to the test as I have to identify their business challenges and advise them on the best solutions. It is rare for a fresh graduate to be given this sort of exposure, and I am glad Meltwater has so much faith in their young employees!

Do you devour a salad or is a bowl of Mee Pok more likely to be your midday fuel?

Hmm, definitely salad!

Enjoying a box of salad with my colleagues

Tanjong Pagar remains unrivalled when it comes to the selection of food. Lunchtime is always exciting because the options are endless. It is also where I get to catch up with my colleagues from other departments. On some days, I hit the gym for a spin class – gotta get those endorphins going! Now I am fuelled to take on the next half of the day.

What are some of the challenges you face in your role?

There is a steep learning curve at Meltwater. I was surprised at the rate at which I was learning new skills and being put through one challenge after another. For example, within my first week at Meltwater, I had to make a sales pitch to an actual prospect. I was feeling nervous about not doing a good job, but I soon began to realise that it was simply a learning opportunity. After each call, my manager and teammates would give me constructive feedback on how to improve and we love to celebrate small victories. With each new prospect I spoke to, I become a better communicator, and I love that I am constantly growing in this organisation.

Having 1-on-1 meetings are a good avenue for coaching, mentorship and general check-ins. What’s yours like?

While I can always approach my director, Gordon, at any time to spar with him on cases, sometimes we schedule dedicated sessions to review my sales pipe. More importantly, we chat about my journey in Meltwater and explore ways I can continue to grow and learn in this organisation. The one thing I appreciate most about Meltwater is how ready and willing our senior leaders are to give us advice any time we need help.

Discussing a case with my director, Gordon
How do you celebrate success?

Every time someone closes a deal, we celebrate their success by giving them high-fives. It is a tradition to share learning points, what the prospect found most useful and how we have value-added to their organisation. These positive habits towards progress have built a culture of winning attitudes.  

A deal was closed! Taking in learning points from my colleagues
As the day nears to an end, what does your wind-down routine look like?

As the workday comes to an end, I like to focus on prospecting. I look out for companies and business units that would have a good use case for our respective Meltwater solutions. And when 6 pm comes, I join my colleagues for a round of pool. I have definitely improved from when I started back in January – glad to have picked up yet another skill!

The day is over, time to relax