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Shack 15

Shack 15 is a global co-working space and community for key players in the field of data science: start-up founders, academics, novices, experts and investors that is fully funded by Meltwater based in the heart of Shoreditch (the bustling centre of London’s tech city).

Shack 15 mainly provides entrepreneurs, who potentially have a lack of financial resources, experience, or connections with any other business, to start working and help build networks.

Shack 15 also offers partnership opportunities for entrepreneurs, with Meltwater investing in technologies that advance the ecosystem.

As a global player, Meltwater can provide support to Shack15 members across our members from Americas, EMEA to APAC for any support.

LYN Atelier

The Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST) provides training, investment, and mentoring to aspiring high-technology entrepreneurs, with the goal of building globally successful companies that create wealth and jobs in Africa. MEST is the vision of Jorn Lyseggen and is based on the fundamental belief that talent and potential are everywhere; and with the right nurturing, support, and guidance, every individual has what it takes to build success from the ground up. This ethos is the foundation of our culture here at Meltwater, where employees develop professionally and receive opportunities to move into management roles early in their careers. Established in Ghana in 2008, MEST selects dozens of top graduates from across Africa every year to participate in a fully sponsored two-year, full-time, intensive educational program.

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Local Community Support

We believe it’s our corporate responsibility to give back to our local communities who assist the non-profit, civic, and communication-based organisations that support them.

Australia: Some of our sales team channelled their inner super-hero and abseiled a 33-storey Sydney CBD skyscraper for a good cause – to raise AU$12,000 for Abseil for Youth.

Singapore: Our team took part in a charity futsal match to raise funds for the Society for the Physically Disabled, a charity helping disabled people integrate with the mainstream community.

Japan: Our support team organised a fundraising drive for nations in Africa affected by natural disasters and donated $2 for every client survey completed.

Singapore CSR
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Fostering Future Leaders

Meltwater nurtures strong relationships with universities from both an educational and recruitment perspective. We partner with Communications, PR and Marketing professors to offer Meltwater’s solutions as part of university modules, helping to add more detail to students’ research projects. Our senior leaders often speak at universities to give students more insight into the media intelligence and technology industry.

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