Media Intelligence for Crisis Communications Worksheet

crisis comm ebook

Media Intelligence Worksheet for Crisis Communications

Don’t Get Caught Off Guard

When all hell breaks loose, you’ll wish you had put together a plan to help you regain your bearings—and take charge. Set aside a few minutes during a time of relative quiet to fill out this crisis communications worksheet. It will help you spot early warning signs, stay organized, and enforce due process should a crisis hit.

Tip: Add crisis protocols to your list of measurable goals. Then complete this worksheet for two or three crisis scenarios per quarter. You’ll get credit for your quarterly performance—and for being prepared if things go terribly, terribly wrong.

Media Intelligence for Crisis Communications

crisis comm ebook

Media Intelligence for Crisis Communications

Listen. Measure. Respond.

When a brand crisis hits, your most important asset is media intelligence. Don’t wait for all hell to break loose to get up to speed on the latest media intelligence tools and best practices for handling a crisis in the age of social media.

Here’s a glimpse of the topics our crisis management ebook covers:

  • Setting up alerts to ensure you’re the first to know that a crisis is building
  • Practicing smart social listening so you can check the media’s pulse and your community’s reaction as crisis unfolds
  • Gathering real-time insights so you can mitigate damage to your brand and avoid something similar from happening again

Media intelligence will serve you well any day of the week, but during a crisis it is indispensable.