On-Demand Webinar: How to Measure Marketing Success

Learn How to Use KPIs to Measure the Value of Your Marketing Programs

Picture a world where everyone on your marketing team has the information they need to be successful. Each team member uses KPIs to set ambitious but achievable goals—and everyone knows exactly where their programs stand.

This world is no longer a fantasy—it’s as real as the screen in front of you. Take a journey with us to unlock the gates and let the data come streaming through.

During this webinar, we’ll present an overview of data-centric marketing, including:

  • KPIs for Comms, Digital, and Customer Marketing Specialists
  • Tools you can use to measure these KPIs
  • Techniques for reporting performance and success in meaningful, visually engaging ways



On-Demand Webinar: Use Social Listening to Increase & Measure Social Media Engagement

Putting Social Media Data to into Action

If you’re a PR professional charged with managing your company’s reputation, it’s not news to you that we’ve lost control of the message. Social technology has fundamentally changed the way that people communicate — and, consequently, our communications programs have had to change along with it.

This webinar will redefine the notion of media intelligence and why it matters in your day-to-day. It’ll also include some practical applications to help you both improve and understand your performance so that you’re in a better position to prove the success of your program to your higher-ups.

You will learn:

– What is media intelligence

– Why social listening isn’t enough : We need to mine our data into something we can action

– Why engagement matters : the sales & marketing process is a nurturing model

– How to measure our impact, our competitors and use the data within our strategy