Meltwater and PRCA to seek permission to appeal the decision to the Supreme Court

LONDON – July 27, 2011 — The UK Court of Appeal issued a ruling today, in NLA v Meltwater & PRCA, that anyone who clicks on a link and reads a news article on a public website in a commercial setting will infringe copyright unless licensed by the publisher.

This judgment could prove very costly for UK businesses. The Court has said that the technological process of displaying a web page on a computer is not «temporary copy» exempt from copyright. This ruling means that millions of professionals will unwittingly infringe copyright legislation on a daily basis by simply browsing the web. As a result, Meltwater and PRCA will seek permission to appeal this part of the decision to the UK Supreme Court. The Newspaper Licensing Agency Ltd driving the push to license the reading of online content is owned by the eight national newspaper publishing houses.

“The ability to browse the Internet without fear of infringing copyright is a fundamental Internet principle,” said Jorn Lyseggen, CEO of Meltwater. “Society is not served by this ruling and it would be absurd if interpretation of the law should clash so fundamentally with how millions of people use the internet every day.”

Although the current ruling is a partial set-back for the rights of Internet users, the judgement did modify the former High Court ruling.

“We welcome the Court of Appeal recognising that the High Court judgment went further than was warranted when it comes to the copyright of news article headlines. The Court of Appeal  ruled that it will be very rare that headlines are copyrightable, which is something we’ve been saying from the start,” said Francis Ingham, Chief Executive of the PRCA. “Going back hundreds of years, no court has ever found a title worthy of copyright protection.»

“Last word in this case has not been said,” says Lyseggen. “In September, the Copyright Tribunal is scheduled to rule on the fairness of the licensing scheme pushed by the NLA. We are confident that the Copyright Tribunal will rule the NLA licensing scheme is over-reaching and unreasonable.”

An FAQ on the issues surrounding the case may be found here.

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