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Royal Wessanen: Monitoring online news and -presence of local brands across Europe.

Royal Wessanen is a 251-years old Dutch company, focused on the production of healthy and sustainable food, like organic, vegetarian and fair trade type of products. In the past 10 years, they have been going through a major transformation: since 2015, the year in which the company celebrated the 250th anniversary, Wessanen is able to call itself a pure player in organic and sustainable food.

Wessanen and Meltwater became partners in order to create a clear overview of everything that is being said about Wessanen, its local brands and its competitors on online- and social media. These insights make it possible for Wessanen to share all important information with their employees across Europe. Also, Wessanen is now able find the right influencers to increase their online presence.


How to manage and increase online presence in different local markets?

During the past 10 years, Wessanen has shifted their focus towards purely sustainable and healthy food. With their brands, like Clipper, Allos, Zonnatura, Bjorg and Isola Bio, they are serving the markets in the BENELUX, France, UK, Germany, Italy and Spain. Most of these brands are very active in one specific market, for example Zonnatura in the Netherlands, but they are all connected by their sustainable and healthy nature.

Even though 2015 marked the beginning of a new Wessanen, as a pure player in organic and sustainable food, the journey towards sustainable and healthy food is never finished. The trend towards awareness about the impact of food on people and the planet is more and more present.
In order to act upon this opportunity, it is very important for Wessanen to be aware of everything that is going on surrounding healthy and organic food, their local brands and their competitors. Also, Wessanen wants to grow their online presence in order to share their vision with the world.

We want to improve our online presence and reputation. That’s why we need to reach the right audience when we talk about the journey we started towards pure sustainable and healthy food and our green vision. I think there is much potential for improvement. Now we are going to be able to do this with Meltwater’s influencer database.

Christina Niemann
Christina Niemann mmunication Manager at Royal Wessanen


Insights for the right employees and the right influencers

At first, Wessanen was monitoring the corporate brand in a fairly basic way. But to reach the fullest potential of the partnership, the platform needed to be set up in such a way that all news about Wessanen, the local brands and the brand- and corporate competitors could be captured. To realize this, the Meltwater team looked for the real needs of Wessanen. “I think the value of Meltwater is in the combination of the platform and what it can do, coupled with the personal support of the people”, says Klaus Arntz.

Wessanen is now using the partnership with Meltwater to receive daily reports and weekly newsletters about all important news for the employee of Wessanen. Wessanen sends out newsletters to the employee across the European offices, so that people are able to read everything about their local brands, specific countries and their competitors. This way, they can make better informed decisions.

Secondly, due to Meltwater’s influencer database, Wessanen is able to directly see which journalists and influencers across Europe and the whole world are interesting to connect with. “This way we might be able to improve our performance when it comes to corporate communication”, Christina Niemann says.

Also, Meltwater will provide Wessanen with a complete report on media presence for the entire year 2016.

We are not just monitoring our corporate brand Wessanen anymore, but we are now able to tailor our searches on our different brands and countries throughout Europe.

Klaus Arntz
Klaus Arntz Chief Sustainability and Marketing Officer at Royal Wessanen


Meltwater helps Royal Wessanen


To manage the news about corporate- and local brands


To increase the online presence


To evaluate the success of their marketing activities

Meltwater en Royal Wessanen

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    Managing the news about corporate- and local brands

    “Searching for news about the corporate brand Wessanen only gives us results in the Netherlands. So we now also have newsletters that show what has been written about, for example, Bjorg last week in France, or what has happened in the whole of UK. We have broadened our search to look into specific news related to our local businesses. We are also including nowadays key competitors, both brand- and corporate competitors, so we are getting a much broader feedback from the market, in terms of what is happening.” - Klaus Arntz, Chief Sustainability and Marketing Officer

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    Increasing the online presence

    “Due to the influencer tool, we can see who is interesting to connect with. Also, we can search on relevant topics to see which influencers or journalists are interested by these topics.” - Christina Niemann, Communication Manager

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    Evaluating the success of the marketing activities

    “Meltwater createda complete report on media presence for the entire year of 2016. This way, we could see where we are now with our marketing activities and where can we go during the next year.” - Christina Niemann, Communication Manager

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