Claiming global thought leadership

Payvision: Claiming Global Thought Leadership

Payvision started in 2002 as a one stop global payment processing company with strong presence in Asia and Europe. Their platform is used by merchants and resellers, for global and domestic acquiring. In 2007 an e-commerce boom became visible, which was, funny enough, evoked by the financial crisis. People started to move online to get a more clear overview of what products were available and to compare pricings to find the best deal. This boom had a significant impact on the growth of Payvision.


How could Payvision create brand awareness for their commodity product?

Payvision is one of the fastest growing acquiring networks in the world, but they encountered three main challenges which made it difficult to generate more awareness and visibility for its product. First of all, Payvision had entered the market as an independent payment solution provider for a relatively small, niche audience. Therefore, Payvision was initially only focussing on 35 companies worldwide. On top of that, payments are relatively commoditized in today’s ecommerce landscape, and not a primary concern to merchants. This made it difficult to increase awareness and attention for the product. Also, during its first decade, Payvision grew at a fast pace, putting pressure on its human resources, funds, corporate structure and brand positioning.

Besides these challenges, Payvision wanted to bring more transparency to the market. Up untill this moment, deliberate complexity had been considered the best way to sell payment products in the industry. The shift that Payvision wanted to initiate in the industry raised their stakes in increasing brand awareness and creating value even more.

We had a couple of tough challenges ahead of us and we were in need of a strong tool to increase brand awareness and the web traffic.

Rolf Visser
Rolf Visser VP Global Marketing at Payvision Group


Monitor the real needs of the market

As payments are now largely commoditized, they aren’t at top of merchants’ minds. Payvision had to find another way to engage with its audience. With Meltwater, Payvision started to research the information the industry was looking for. This research showed that certain topics around the subject of payments, rather than payments specifically, were troubling merchants. By researching and sharing its findings for free, Payvision could be a step closer to making the industry more transparent while building awareness as a thought leader and trusted advisor in the ecommerce industry.

Through the monitoring tool from Meltwater, the Payvision team discovered there was considerable attention on emerging markets, and on global commerce.

Also, because of the uncertainty about these markets, there appeared to be a need for content such as whitepapers and infographics.
Also, the research showed that the terminology for international ecommerce was still undefined. Rolf picked a relevant, intuitive term: cross-border ecommerce, and built Payvision’s global marketing concept around it.

Now, the research published by Payvision is highly valued and shared around the world. Cross-border ecommerce has become the most commonly researched and discussed topic of international online trade, and Payvision dominates the English-speaking search results, globally. The vision, the right people and the monitoring tools made it possible.

How do you claim the conversation when focusing on payments? Not easily! This is how we managed to do it.


Meltwater enables Payvision to


Monitor the needs of the payments market


Find influencers to engage with


Claim thought leadership on cross border e-commerce

Payvision and Meltwater

  • 1

    Monitor the needs of the payments market

    "As payments aren’t necessarily something merchants are searching for online, we had to deliberately shift away from Payvision’s key focus. Using Meltwater’s Media Intelligence platform as one of our research tools, we can always be up to speed on the real needs of our target audience."

  • 2

    Find influencers to engage with

    "In some circumstances, a blogger can have more influence than a journalist. We searched for industry key influencers and by using the valuable content we’d created addressing the primary concerns of expanding merchants, we engaged with them to promote our brand organically."

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    Claim thought leadership on cross border e-commerce

    "By monitoring topics such as emerging markets and international expansion, we had valuable input for our compelling research on cross-border ecommerce, which we could share widely."

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