NLO - Targeting influencers to improve the market position

NLO: How to stay the market leader in a growing market?

NLO, one of the largest Intellectual Property consultancies in Europe, was founded even before the first patent law was written in the Netherlands. NLO offers high quality advice to clients worldwide on the protection of Intellectual Property, with 125+ years of experience in this niche market.

What makes them special is the quality know-how, efficient and targeted approach. Their success also comes from the drive to invest in innovative and sustainable solutions and systems to serve their worldwide clients the best.


How to stay the market leader in a quickly growing market?

The competition in the working field NLO is operating in was quickly growing. NLO wanted to respond to this change through new ways of doing PR and marketing, in order to stay the market leader. This is when they started to look at media monitoring tools.

NLO needed a tool which could provide assistance in monitoring and watching everything that was happening around them. Also, they wanted to analyse how NLO was doing in the marketing world, which wasn't really good.

NLO wanted to be known as an innovative company for both their expertise in protecting Intellectual Property and their marketing approach. They needed to know what was happening around them, so that they could promote their specific expertise to the right journalist. This way, NLO would be able to reach new clients and grow their brand awareness.

We wanted to change the way people looked at NLO, that is: not only as an intellectual property office. We wanted to add something more, namely the expertise of our advisors. Our advisors have a specific expertise which is very valuable for the market, so the goal was to showcase this expertise, so that clients would find us through our advisors.

Eline Scheele
Eline Scheele Communications Advisor - NLO


Target niche influencers

NLO wanted to change their positioning as just being any other IP office, into becoming the go-to advisor. The solution lies in the expertise of the advisors working at NLO, that proves to be very valuable for the IP market. In order to stay the market leader and to increase brand awareness, NLO wanted to showcase this expertise through their PR activities. They wanted to show the world what they have to offer, so that clients would find NLO through the specific expertise of their advisors.

With the Meltwater platform, NLO is now able to monitor what is happening around them in the market. Also, they are now able to find and target journalists that write about very specific subjects, and create good relationships with them. Within the platform, they were able to track the successes of the press releases and monitor where it was being picked up and by who.

One of our patent attorneys wrote an article which was only interesting for people with knowledge on this subject. We were searching for journalists who are specialized in this topic. With Meltwater, I found 20 journalists writing about this subject, using keyword-search. This approach increased our PR hits dramatically.

Kathy van der Wijden
Kathy van der Wijden Communications Assistant - NLO


Meltwater enables NLO to


Find and target the right influencers


Create high-quality content


Monitor their market position

NLO and Meltwater

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    Find and target the right influencers

    “Once I found the right journalists through my research, it is very easy to create a press list around their topic. Then, I can just send the article directly per email to the journalists !” Kathy van der Wijden, Communications Assistant

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    Create high-quality content

    "Before writing about a certain subject, we first look into which topics are trending at the moment, what the developments are and which authors already wrote about it." Eline Scheele, Communications Advisor

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    Monitor their target positions

    "The world is changing, so we wanted to take the lead in being the office that adopted new marketing and PR strategies ! To do so, we use Meltwater to look at what’s happening in the market. We then create content and find the right persons to share it with, in order to show the world what we have to offer." Eline Scheele, Communications Advisor

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