Live- Webinar and Panel Discussion: Crisis Communication

Communication in times of crisis

Level: Beginner and advanced
Duration: 1 hour incl. panel discussion
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About the webinar

We are very excited to showcase you this special webinar including a panel discussion with no other than the founder & CEO of PRlab: Matías Rodsevich! The webinar and panel discussion will revolve all around one topic: “Communication in times of crisis”. Looking at the turbulent times we find ourselves in, we realize the importance of correctly handling crisis communication for organizations. But how do you handle this? Should you release a press statement? What is the importance of timing? And what is absolutely not done in times of crisis?

During the webinar, you will gain many practical insights regarding handling crisis communication for your organization. The webinar is followed up by a panel discussion, where questions from the audience are answered by Matías and the communication experts of Meltwater. 

You can expect the following topics during the crisis communication webinar:

  • Timing
  • Demonstrating care for everyone’s safety
  • Anticipating and preparing for risks and problems
  • Remaining calm and helping others to do so
  • How to maintain a positive image of your organization
  • The need for accurate and proven facts especially in critical times
  • Tone of Voice
  • What absolutely not to do in times of crisis 

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About our speakes

Matías Rodsevich

Matías has +7 years of vast PR & Marketing experience in B2B, B2C, technology and product communications across corporate, startup and agency environments. He is specialized in B2B & B2C Tech PR. Now he works as CEO & Founder of PRlab, an integrated marketing agency specialized in Scaleups and the design industry.

Frits has been working for 3 years as Key Account Manager / Client Succes Manager at Meltwater, helping the biggest clients with crisis communication.

Frits loves everything about airplanes and football (too bad both sectors have been hit hard due to the recent situation).

Jacob has been working at Meltwater for 2.5 years, where he is responsible for the New Business department. With a background in the sustainability and consultancy sector, he got inspired by Media Intelligence.

In his free time Jacob enjoys anything with a board; snowboarding, wakeboarding and board games.

Live-Webinar: Increasing Top of Funnel Awareness

Increasing Top of Funnel Awareness

Level: Beginner and advanced
When:  April 16, 2020 at 11.00 A.M
Duration: 1 hour incl. Q&A
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About the webinar

Together with Sushil Krishna – founder of Growack Media – we organize a new Live-Webinar with the topic “Growing Top of Funnel (ToFu) Awareness. During the webinar, Sushil will talk about an integrated marketing mix strategy & Approach. You will get insights into how Social, Content, PR and Paid processes are fundamental for your Top of Funnel Awareness and how to leverage this in your marketing strategy.

  • Increasing Top of Funnel (ToFu) Awareness
  • An integrated marketing mix Strategy & approach
  • Including Social, Content, PR and paid processes

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About our speaker

Sushil KrishnaEveryone knows that intent behind search, content and media releases matters. Tracking correct business intents with right triggers is a crucial process in B2B domain for your qualified success rate.

Sushil Krishna is the founder of Growack Media – a HubSpot Solution Partner in Integrated Inbound & Growth Marketing space, representing clients, such as Elsevier, IBM, EdCast Inc, Cogoport, Covalent Inc and Peddler. Sushil is also a prolific speaker and community builder in Startups, Marketing & Growth domain with griping ideas on Inbound sales and funnel marketing roadmaps.

Not a good timing?

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Webinar: SEO & Pinterest Marketing

SEO & Pinterest Marketing: hoe optimaliseer je SEO anno 2020 en welke rol speelt Pinterest hierin?

Level: Beginner en gevorderd
Duur: ca. 60 minuten inclusief Q&A

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In deze Webinar leer je alle tips en tricks over SEO optimalisaties anno 2020 op het gebied van techniek, content en populariteit. Daarnaast leer je hoe het gebruik van Pinterest een belangrijke rol speelt voor een succesvolle online marketingstrategie.

Over onze spreker

Als veteraan in digitale marketing helpt Marc de Groot bedrijven en organisaties MEER te verdienen door MINDER uit te geven. Met zijn jaren lange expertise is hij de oprichter en eigenaar van De Groot Online Consultancy, waarbij hij voor tientallen bedrijven maatwerk levert op alle gebieden binnen het online marketing spectrum. Daarnaast is Marc schrijver van het boek ‘Succes met E-commerce’ wat inmiddels is uitgegroeid tot een Webwinkel Marketing platform met honderden leden. Als kers op de taart staat Marc regelmatig voor de klas als docent e-commerce bij Fontys Hogescholen, waarbij hij zijn 20+ jaar marketing expertise overbrengt aan aspirant-marketeers.

In de eerste helft van de webinar neemt Marc jou mee op het gebied van SEO trends anno 2020 op het gebied van techniek, content en populariteit. In de tweede helft leer je hoe Pinterest een onmisbare rol speelt binnen de online marketingstrategie en hoe Media Intelligence hierbij kan helpen.

Wil je de online marketing performance van jouw organisatie naar een hoger niveau tillen? Bekijk dan gratis ons webinar terug on-demand. Zet je gegevens in het formulier ‘Gratis Terugkijken’ en ontvang direct een email met de on-demand webinar.

Keynote On-Demand: Wat zijn de digital trends voor komende 10 jaar?

In deze keynote van Jeroen Gouw, kijken we naar trends van de toekomst zoals:

  • Advanced robotics
  • Influencer marketing
  • Augmented/virtual reality

Keynote On-Demand: De top 10 digitale trends 2008-2018

In deze keynote van Susanne van Nierop, kijken we terug naar hoe ver we zijn gekomen sinds 2008. Denk aan trends die relevant blijven, zoals:

  • Purpose marketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • Augmentend/virtual reality