Facebook Analysis

Analyse your efforts in real-time using Meltwater's best-in-class social media analytics tool.

  • Follow millions of conversations in real-time
  • Measure and analyze your social impact
  • Compare your performance with your most important competitors


See where you rank

Media exposure, reach, and tonality factor into your mSCORE, tangible evidence of your media progress.


Compare share of voice

See how you stack up against your competition, with share of voice measured by volume and reach.


Share the high-impact stories

We give you the articles with links and tell you whether they’re trending negative or positive.

Analyze Your Social Media Presence

Analyse Your Reputation

Monitor mentions of your brand, industry or competition across online media, news and social platforms for a 360 degree view of the conversations important to you. With Meltwater, crush crises before they spread and amplify the social ambassadors that influence your customer reputation.

  • Draw on the power of real-time global social media tracking
  • Identify mentions of your brand, product, industry and competitors
  • Measure your impact in more than 30 million social sources across 205 countries and in 87 languages

Measure Marketing Impact

Measure the impact of your marketing campaigns by analysing online and social media data. Benchmark your success against the performance of your competitors for an apples to apples comparison of your brand equity.

  • Create customizable dashboards to better understand your social media environment and impact
  • Receive alerts as soon as important information is published
  • Segment audiences to better understand what they care about

Glean Actionable Insights

With Meltwater's exportable reports, identify influential people by topic and location, measure the efficiency of your social media team, and analyse the effectiveness of your social communications - all from a single dashboard.

  • Analyze social media reports on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis across global social networks
  • Highlight relevant KPI's, such as audience growth, engagement rate, interaction ratios and more

Social API

We understand the need for flexibility when it comes to data and social analytics, which is why our solutions can be integrated into your key business applications. Out of the box connections to BI tools such as Domo, Tickr and Tableau allow you to measure 2,000 analytics endpoints for campaign attribution.


Why Meltwater?

As the global leader in Media Intelligence, Meltwater offers multiple software solutions which analyze billions of data online. We offer our clients Media Intelligence, E-Reputation and Social Media Analytics solutions which allow them to make better, more informed decisions in the blink of an eye. Founded in 2001, Meltwater operates 56 offices in 27 countries, all of which provide over 26,000 customers with a global service with local expertise.

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