Crisis Communications Solutions

Managing, mitigating and resolving a crisis can be extremely challenging and demanding – especially for professionals responsible for communicating openly with consumers and industry stakeholders.

Meltwater helps PR professionals, marketing executives and business leaders monitor and analyze news and social media.

Use our Media Intelligence tools to gain a comprehensive view of your media engagement and online activity before, during and after a crisis.

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You can’t manage what you can’t measure

Apply AI-driven Media Monitoring that delivers audience insights and precise media insight analyses to track the lifecycle of the crisis in real time. Set up mobile, email and app alerts to track your media mentions, real time.

Top Influencers

Sometimes the difference between a crisis and business as usual is who is doing the talking. Use our Media Monitoring and analysis tool to track key spokespersons, both on social media and in the press, to assess what stories are picking up traction.

Trending Keywords

Word clouds can point us to the right answers for questions such as: Is negative chatter originating from a small but vocal minority? Is it being picked up by traditional media, or, vice versa, is a story in the press trending on social?


As you assess negative sentiment, think about it from the point of view of key stakeholders. Who is most likely to be affected by a negative story? How influential are they? What are the paths for the story to grow?

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