Do you want to analyze specific indicators for your brand? Want to know the media coverage of the launch of your new product, your positioning compared to your competitors or the influencers who are talking about you? Our media reporting and analysis tool provides you with a comprehensive and customized report which caters to all your brand's needs.



Create reports based on KPI's such as reach, share of voice, media coverage, top publications, top influencers, location, trending themes and much more.



Build tailored and branded reports that cater to your brand's specific needs. Share the customized reports with management and stakeholders to showcase the performance of your campaigns.



Measure the ROI of your campaigns and track your brand's e-reputation with our reports tailored to your needs!

Measure ROI

Analyze your Brand's Performance

Media Reporting and Analysis


Creating captivating reports takes time, patience and a never-ending supply of spreadsheets and pivot-tables. But it doesn't have to be so painful. Now, with Meltwater's reporting tool, select the dates, competitors, and searches and receive a stunning report ready to share with your team and stakeholders.


Discover your brand's media performance by month, quarter, or year by analyzing your presence online and on social media. Measure the success of your PR strategy and campaigns with Meltwater's media reporting and analysis software.

In a click of a button

Comprehensive Competitive Analysis



Select multiple competitors and understand where you stand against players in your industry. Generate reports instantly based on metrics such as share of voice, tonality, media exposure, top publishers, top influencers and many more.


With our reporting and analysis platform, gain exclusive access to Meltwater's propriety measurement algorithm; mScore. Our solution also allows you to easily share your reports via live weblink or pdf to your management team and stakeholders.





As the global leader in Media Intelligence, Meltwater offers multiple software solutions which analyze billions of data online. We offer our clients Media Intelligence, E-Reputation and Social Media Analytics solutions which allow them to make better, more informed decisions in the blink of an eye.

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