Make better decisions with Meltwater Media Intelligence

Make sense of the millions of news and social sources discussing and shaping your marketplace, business and competition.


See where you rank

Media exposure, reach, and tonality factor into your mSCORE, tangible evidence of your media progress.


Compare share of voice

See how you stack up against your competition, with share of voice measured by volume and reach.


Share the high-impact stories

We give you the articles with links and tell you whether they’re trending negative or positive.

Global Media Intelligence

Transform competitive data and insight into actionable advice and make better and more informed strategic decisions with our best-in-class monitoring and advanced analytics solution.

Media Monitoring

Track online news and editorial articles sourced from global and local online, social and news publications - including the largest library of premium content. Identify mentions of your brand, product, industry and competitors in +300,000 news sources.

Social Suite

Identify mentions of your brand, product, industry and competitors by monitoring and analyzing +30 million blogs, and a continuous stream of social conversations. Access unlimited ad-hoc searches across Twitter, blogs, forums, news, Reddit, Tumblr, YouTube, and Facebook.

Media analysis

Leverage competitive intelligence to drive future growth by monitoring and analyzing brand mentions, industry news and important news about key competitors. Build customized dashboards and utilize outside data to predict and make better and more informed business decisions.


Why Meltwater?

As the global leader in Media Intelligence, Meltwater offers multiple software solutions which analyze billions of data online. We offer our clients Media Intelligence, E-Reputation and Social Media Analytics solutions which allow them to make better, more informed decisions in the blink of an eye. Founded in 2001, Meltwater operates 56 offices in 27 countries, all of which provide over 26,000 customers with a global service with local expertise.

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