Media Intelligence for Crisis Communications

Media intelligence will serve you well any day of the week, but during a crisis it is indispensable. So don’t wait for all hell to break loose to get up to speed on the latest media intelligence tools and best practices for handling a crisis in the age of social media. Learn about setting up alerts, practicing smart media monitoring and social listening, and gathering real-time intel when trouble comes.

Media Intelligence for Crisis Communications Worksheet E-Books

Media Intelligence for Crisis Communications E-Books

Using KPIs to Measure the Value of Your Marketing Programs

Picture a world where everyone on your marketing team has the information they need to be successful. Each team member uses KPIs to set ambitious but achievable goals—and everyone knows exactly where their programs stand. This world is no longer a fantasy—it’s as real as the screen in front of you. Take a journey with us to unlock the gates and let the data come streaming through.

The Keys to the Kingdom: Making Your Marketing Team More Data-Centric E-Books

Social Listening

Social listening is arguably the most significant technology to hit marketing and PR since social media itself. Social listening will take your marketing to the next level by providng data that will reshape your relationships to your customers, advocates, and even your critics. You'll get the chance to introduce the rest of your business to tools that offer valuable insights into every level of business decision-making, from product development to recruiting, customer service, and even finance.

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Meltwater is dedicated to bringing you topical insights on social engagement and managing your brand reputation around the globe. It's part of our commitment to 'Outside Insight'.

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