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Secrets of a Trend Spotter, Revealed

In PR, when our message goes out is just as important as what it says. There’s no better way to ensure maximum impact than aligning to a trend that’s starting to build—before the rest of the marketplace has hopped on, and well before your audience is already tired of it.

We’ve got the strategies and tools so you can:

Spot trends and the influencers shaping them
Shape messages targeted to your industry and audiences
Create a trend or two of your own

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The Communication Pro’s Guide to Influencer Marketing

It’s time to leverage influencers in your content for maximum impact.

Here we look at some examples of brands that are getting it right and provide expert advice on working with the right influencers to improve your PR and content marketing. Learn how to:

• Find the right influencers and get them to work with you
• Make the most of those relationships once you’ve established them
• Measure the success of your influencer programs

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Make a Powerful Impression with Statistics

As a marketer, you’re constantly trying to grab the attention of someone who has little to spare. So how do you get your audience—whether it’s your customers, your boss, or a journalist—to stop and take notice?

One sure way is to captivate them with statistics they can’t afford to ignore. Learn where to find great stats, how to use them to prove your point, and even how to easily create memorable and shareable ones yourself.

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Making the Most of Your PR or Marketing Internship

Congratulations, you landed an internship! This experience could set the tone for your career in PR or marketing. To make sure you’re walking into your first day on the job confident and prepared, we’ve prepared overviews of the most valuable skills that communications interns should have under their belts, including:

• Understanding and researching your market, including target audience, trending topics, and competitors to watch
• Building a media list of top journalists and social influencers
• Writing a press release that will pass muster and get the brand coverage

PR and marketing managers: are you looking for tips and assignments to give this year’s batch of PR and marketing recruits? Set them up with these detailed how-tos. They’ll look like pros in no time—and make you look good while they’re at it.

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11 Lessons That PR Professionals Need to Learn in a Digital World

Just when a marketing, PR, or social media trend is about to go mainstream, Jeff Bullas is there to make sure we’re ready to make the most of it. Named 2016’s #1 Global Digital Marketer, his practical advice on building communities, wielding influence, and measuring impact have been helping us stay ahead of the digital revolution. Follow his 11 lessons and learn how to use technology and data to build relationships with influencers and zero in on your audience.

Jeff walks us through:

• Using data to reinvent everything from sending press releases to measuring the impact of your message
• The kinds of content that work best for winning influencers over
• Real-world examples for benchmarking everything you do and proactively improving results

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