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The Influencer Report 2019

Everyone’s talking about influencer marketing, but what’s the best way to use it? What should you avoid? Is it right for your brand?

PR News and Meltwater conducted a survey to gauge the importance of influencers to marketing and communications professionals. We asked how and why brands are using influencers, how much they pay them, and what challenges arise from working with them.

Find out what other brands are doing and what you can learn from the insights they’ve shared.

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New Strategies in Media Relations

Everything You Need to Know to Pitch—and Clinch—Coverage

For successful brands, earned media is unrivalled for gaining credibility, awareness, and ultimately growth.

Get the latest data-driven best practices for generating high-value earned media. Download our ebook and learn how to:

Extract relevant, receptive contacts from your media database, using powerful search and filter techniques
Personalize your pitches, quickly and easily, to accelerate outreach and build credibility
Report on your success and prove the value of your coverage to your business

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Value, Not Volume Are You Using the Right KPIs to Prove ROI?

Which KPIs should PR professionals and social media managers use to measure their programs, optimize results, and demonstrate ROI?

Join our on-demand webinar for an overview of the latest data-driven PR KPIs and learn how to:

– Clearly map PR performance to bottom-line business goals

– Fine tune programs, double down on what’s working—and of course correct on what’s n

– Create boardroom-ready reports that prove ROI and justify your budget

We’ve also invited SimilarWeb, our new data partner, to share the latest advances in measuring reach and how to use this data to refine PR goals even further.

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Everything You Need to Prove PR ROI

When you—and your boss—are wondering if you’re doing a good job, KPIs are there to provide clear answers, and nudge you to even greater heights.

Our latest ebook walks you through the KPIs you should be tracking and how to build reports the show off your success. Learn how to:

Find the data you need to show how your work contributes to brand awareness, site traffic, and even lead generation
Build convincing monthly, quarterly, and annual reports, complete with data visualizations and business insight
Use this same data to fine tune your programs as you go and maximize results

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