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On Demand Webinar | The Power of Social Storytelling

If you're looking for your brand's 'happily ever after' you've come to the right place. Replay our exciting webinar and learn how you can use social stoytelling to capture your audience on social media.


We love stories - and so does your audience!

When we think about the stories that we read as children, they all had certain characteristics: a beginning, a climax/conflict, and finally a resolution. Usually there was always a moral lesson involved. Your brands' social media messaging should also have the same characteristics of a story, in order to connect and resonate with your audience.

Replay our exclusive webinar with Hossam Sultan & Alicia Payne of 1000heads, where we discuss:

  • How social media has changed the way brands communicate
  • Understanding what stories your audience wants to hear
  • Best-practices to grab your audience's attention through storytelling
  • Tips to creating a thumb-stopping content

About the speakers

Over the years Hossam Sultan has worked with 45+ brands across the region, including GoPro, Microsoft, CocaCola, Dubai Tourism, Logitech and ENOC. As the Social Media Director at 1000Heads, he works closely with brands on launching and directing their user engagement strategies. If not in the office, Hossam is probably working his way to become a Lego Master Builder, or watching another rerun of Friends.

Alicia Payne is a coffee fanatic who handles the social strategies of clients such as L’Oreal and Dubai Tourism at 1000Heads, in that order. She spends her weekends walking her dog, searching for the best breakfast in town and at the beach (yes - even if it’s 45 degrees in Dubai).

Replay the webinar

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