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On Demand Webinar | Using Video to Boost Facebook Engagement

With Facebook’s ever-changing newsfeed algorithm, brands are constantly challenged in reaching their audience. Video has proved to be a powerful method to boost Facebook engagement than any other form of content.

In 2017, Facebook reported over 500 million people consuming videos on the platform daily, so how can your brand utilize this to their benefit?

We’ve partnered up with Ahmed El-Sadek, Head of Social Media at UBRIK; to provide us with a step-by-step guide to creating the perfect Facebook video strategy. In the webinar, Ahmed will be discussing some of the following points:

  • How to get started with Facebook video content
  • Best-practices for creating video content for Facebook
  • Live vs. Recorded: Does raw & spontaneous always win?
  • Why you don’t need high-level production for Facebook video

About the Speaker

Ahmed El-Sadek is a multi-award winning social media expert with over 7 years of experience in digital marketing and social media strategy. As the Head of Social Media for UBRIK Media, Ahmed manages over 20 digital media clients across the GCC and Egypt. Over the years, El-Sadek has developed a passion for digital strategy development and social content analysis, and has successfully established himself as an industry expert.

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