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Meltwater Masterclass: Digital Marketing Transformation

Naomi D'souza
Digital Transformation Specialist

When: 22nd July 2019
Time: 10.00am - 12.00pm
Where: Intersect by Lexus

Master Digital Marketing Transformation with Meltwater

What does Digital Transformation mean to the CMO and how do you optimize your 'digital first' strategy? Digital Transformation is a topic at the forefront of boardroom discussions, keynote presentations and content curation, so much so that some of us have "digital transformation" fatigue. Despite this, there are challenges standing in the way of transformation and many CMOs still feel they could be doing more to digitally transform their strategies.

Ever heard the saying "If you want different results, you have to try a different approach"?

That's why on the 22nd July we'll be partnering with Naomi D'Souza, Digital Transformation Expert at IBM with Influencer status in content, social media and how to transform your customer journey. From 'old school' expectations to budget limitations and data overload - the challenges are real! If you'd like to learn how to keep it simple, keep your team and Agencies in check, manage the 'old school' mindset and allocate your budget for maximum impact, join us!

This is a client only event. Seats are limited and always fill up fast. Register now to reserve your spot.

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