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Masterclass: Digital Marketing Transformation

Access Naomi D'Souza's keynote from the Meltwater Masterclass held in Dubai. The invite-only event was held exclusively for clients who wanted to learn more about content, social media, and influencer marketing in the region.

Discover what a successful businesswoman and well-known public figure aka Influencer has to say about these topics!

Master Digital Marketing Transformation with Meltwater

Ever heard the saying "If you want different results, you have to try a different approach"?

Hear from Naomi D'Souza, IBM Digital Strategist, 3x Tedx speaker and one of the 100 Most Influential Asians with 90K+ followers on Instagram speak from experience on how to crack the code on content, social media and influencer marketing success.

In an honest, fun and thoroughly researched class, Naomi teaches how brands can utilize these key marketing methodologies to connect with their customers and enhance their journey. Enjoy! Fill out the form to replay the masterlcass>>

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