2016 is all about content. Content marketing has proven to be incredibly effective. Good content drives conversation, nurtures leads and is the backbone of your social media success. The challenge many marketers face, however, is how to actually do content marketing right?

Watch this exclusive webinar with Nadia Zehni, head of Marketing at dubizzle, as she takes us on a journey to discover the reasons behind dubizzle’s successful content marketing strategy. Nadia enjoys 13 years of marketing experience and during this live webinar, she will discuss different aspects and best practices of content marketing, including:

  • top learnings from dubizzle’s initial ventures in content marketing
  • what types of content to produce for your audience at each stage of their user journey
  • how to assign KPIs to your content pieces and measure their success
  • best practices for building a successful content marketing strategy


Nadia Zehni
Nadia Zehni
Head of Marketing

Nadia is a well-rounded marketing professional with thirteen years marketing experience in Europe and the Middle East. She is passionate about all things digital and very data-driven in her approach.

Currently Nadia is heading up the marketing team for dubizzle.com. She leads a highly-skilled group of creative minds, developing the fast-growing dubizzle brand across the UAE.

Farah Souhail
Marketing Manager MENA

Farah Souhail is the Marketing Manager at Meltwater MENA. With an 8 year career in marketing and business development, she is passionate about all things related to social media, PR and marketing. Speaking 3 languages, Farah loves observing the impact of marketing on society and takes a special interest in MENA’s social media landscape.

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