Introducing Fjord

October 2019

A fresh start.

As the needs of Public Relations, Communications and Marketing departments evolve, Meltwater is advancing analytics to insights — bringing to market better ways to score and benchmark earned media mentions, along with the ability to attribute tangible business outcomes to earned media.

Introducing Fjord — Empowering PR, Communications and Marketing teams with an all-in-one product suite that enables collaboration, and comprehensive AI-powered insights.

Take a tour of the new Digital Marketing Insights that better informs customers’ content marketing initiatives with innovative insights surrounding competitors’ paid digital media strategies. Have a look at the newly integrated social publishing and engagement functionality which includes interactive owned social analytics.

Prioritizing simplicity & efficiency

A centralized workspace that enables collaboration among team members, coordination of assets, coverage tracking and post-campaign analytics, to help you successfully manage and execute on campaigns in one place.

Capturing more content than anyone else

With over 500 million new documents added every day, Meltwater utilizes artificial intelligence to discover content from all corners of the internet, to deliver it to customers in real-time. Explore, and our partnerships with Twitter, Reddit and Dow Jones ensures that we capture more conversations than anyone else.

Advancing analytics to insights

Data and analytics shouldn’t exist in silos. News and social media are closer than ever, and businesses need to compare paid, earned, and owned media across departments.


And even more new features:

Global Accounts for large teams

PR Attribution to track earned media success

Sentiment Analysis on sentence-level

Advanced Social Audience Reports

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