Competitive Intelligence Platform

Automate your competitor research and utilize comprehensive competitive insights to make strategic, informed, forward-looking business decisions.


Gain Competitive Corporate Intelligence

Transform competitive data and insight into actionable advice.


Monitor Competitor's Marketing Trends

Identify market trends and industry news for long-term business planning.


Real Time Alerts & Reports

Make more informed decisions for your business via automated, customized reports and alerts in real time.

Corporate Intelligence

Gain comprehensive overview of your company's position against key competitors including financial data, hiring trends, and geographical development.

Monitor Competitor's Financials

Monitoring the financial health of a competing company is an excellent method of competitive benchmarking. Examples include gross, operating and net profit margins, wages, sales and profitability of competing companies.

Monitor Hiring Trends

See where your competitors are investing in human resources, looking at key skill sets, job titles, and expanding headcount across geographies.

Monitor Partnerships and Suppliers

Leverage competitive intelligence to drive future growth by monitoring competitor’s partnerships and suppliers. Utilize outside data to predict competitor's future product developments and joint ventures.

Marketing Intelligence

Analyze and compare media and social media statistics for your brand against any competitor. This could include brand sentiment, social media and PR share of voice, keyword analysis, and global media coverage benchmarks.

Analyze Competitor's Media Coverage

One of the most interesting sources for competitive intelligence is media coverage. Media coverage can also reveal the latest actions of your competitors such as new products, partnerships, acquisitions and even PR crises. Meltwater has you covered across online media, TV & radio coverage, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Weibo, WeChat, forums, review sites, website comments, blogs, and print content.

Analyze Competitor's Social Media Coverage

Utilize Meltwater's social media listening tool to analyze all the competitors mentions across different social media channels, forums and blogs. In addition, measure and analyze engagement, sentiment, reputation and common complaints.

Competitive Reporting and Analytics

Generate presentation-ready reports, to keep your stakeholders informed of every aspect of your competitive strategy. Create executive, fully automated customizable reports with metrics powered by artificial intelligence, generated seamlessly across all media channels in no time.

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