Buyer persona

The practice of creating buyer personas has been there for many years. Buyer personas are fictional representations of your ideal customers. These fictional characters are created based on the knowledge we have as marketers of our target audience – existing and prospect customers.

For tens of years marketers have relied on market research and insights obtained from surveys and interviews conducted with actual customers to create buyer personas. While this has worked for many, it is no longer feasible given the dramatic change in the way we communicate, produce and consume information. Your consumer, whom you have invited to participate in a survey, may have had a tough day; his car broke down when he was picking up his daughter earlier from school and he is feeling poorly. As a result, the feedback we get is often influenced by factors that are not necessarily related to you and your product or service.

With the advancement of data analysis solutions and the massive amount of data that people, including your target audience produces, marketers now can tap into a mine of more detailed information to help them create more accurate, nearer to reality buyer personas of their ideal consumer. Well-researched buyer personals help the growth of your business and serve its different departments from marketing to sales through product development and communications.

Listen to understand what drives buying decisions
Thanks to social media we can now obtain deeper insights about our customers than any time before. Social analytics provide you with knowledge that goes beyond the obvious i.e age, location, profession, language, marital status etc. Researching the accounts your customers follow on Twitter or the pages they like on Facebook gives you a good understanding of their preferences, ambitions, hobbies and aspirations. Based on this knowledge you are in a better position to draw conclusions about your buyer personas. Leverage social insights to find out more about your customers’ behaviour patterns characteristics and what makes them tick. For example, you know that the majority of your target audience enjoys traveling, but do you know where to? The type of holidays they prefer? Is it beach holidays or a city break? This understanding is critical to develop detailed buyer personas for your business.

Take your engagement to the next level
Social media is all about the human interaction. Well thought out buyer personas help us to relate to our customers as real humans. Instead of marketing to your consumers as one unspecified group of people. Social media analytics tools Like Meltwater’s enable you to segment your target audience and tailor your content accordingly. Use our advanced engage features to categorize and create buyer personas that accurately reflect facts about your your audience. For example, target stay-at-home moms between 25 and 40 years in greater London that are most active on Facebook after the school run in the morning.

Smarter buyer personas for smarter marketing

2016 is big on creating brand advocates. Creating accurate buyer persona brings you a step closer to turning your customers into brand advocates. Armed with social insights about your target audience, it becomes easier for you to be more targeted by tailoring your content and messaging.