Looking for a way to work with PR Trendspotting?

Meltwater’s head of mobile product, Mark Lieberwitz, walks through the newest tool to help PR pros to validate trends and strategize on the go: Mobile Explore.

PR trendspotting, trendjacking, and trend-forecasting are popular strategies savvy communicators use to help their messages gain traction. Now there’s a simple app to quickly validate those trend-driven narratives using advanced media and social analytics: Meet Meltwater’s Mobile Explore.

How can Meltwater´s Mobile Explore help with PR Trendspotting?

We created Mobile Explore to help PR pros instantly drill into trending topics no matter where ideas happen—whether it’s at the airport gate or on a commuter train. This is rooted in Meltwater’s mobile-first philosophy that communicators should be able to do more than just monitor their brand on the go—they should be able to access critical media intelligence tools wherever their PR management happens.

Now, all Meltwater clients can access the Mobile Explore tool for free within our Meltwater Mobile—just update or download from Apple’s App Store or Google Play.


From CMOs to PR managers, our clients often tell us about the type of work that occurs on the go. That’s why our Meltwater Mobile app has been rapidly expanding over the last few years to support many of the key functions communicators need when they’re away from their desks, from news alerts to sharing dashboard analytics.

We believe mobile media intelligence should do more than just help PR managers perform tasks when they’re away from their laptops. Strategizing, brainstorming, campaign ideas—they all happen on the go, as well. Mobile Explore goes beyond simply helping to execute to-do items on the road, but supports testing out those ideas as they happen with the ability to search topics and drill into how those trends are performing. It’s a tool that’s unique to our mobile suite. No more scribbling notes with reminders to research a topic later, shallow browser searches or waiting until you get to your computer to share information. Mobile Explore gives you all the capabilities of vetting a topic and collaborating with colleagues.

Mobile Explore serves up the most influential content first, so you don’t have to manually scroll to find what matters to you most. Customize your experience with a number of configurable tools:

  • Sort search results however you like, from relevance to reach
  • Search up to three months of news & social content
  • View news & social search results together or separately (including broadcast content, if you’re a subscriber)
  • Share, tag or translate any article

Already we’ve heard back from our clients about how they plan to use Mobile Explore—from crisis comms to impromptu brainstorming sessions, PR trendspotting and more. Curious to see Mobile Explore in action? Contact us for a demo and learn more about Meltwater’s media and social intelligence solutions.

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