Do you know how to use YouTube for Business? With 2 billion monthly users on the platform and more than 80% of website traffic coming from video content, YouTube holds massive power and potential, as the leading social media channel for video content, for brands to leverage to improve their marketing strategies.

But how can we, as communications professionals, master YouTube for business effectively to market our businesses, connect with the right audiences and boost brand awareness? 

YouTube for Business: Tips to Take You to the Top

The following tips will take you to the height of your YouTube marketing game.

Maximise Your Search Engine Optimisation 

As one of the most-used search engines in the world – second only to Google – it is crucial to optimise your videos to ensure that viewers can find your content in a sea of content where over 1 billion hours of YouTube videos are watched daily.

The key to optimising your videos for search engines is less about the keywords you use in your video titles and descriptions, and more about creating high quality content, longer length videos, and the amount and quality of engagement your video receives.

Red Bull is a brand that uses high-quality, long-form YouTube videos to tell stories of the exciting and adventurous activities their athletes participate in.

Build Awareness that Results in Lead Generation

Remember that with YouTube for business, the primary goal is to create high-quality videos that build brand awareness and increase your social media engagement. The result of that is demand generation. Instead of posting about product updates or your service offering, you should be building an online community by posting what your audience wants to see. When done well, this should translate into lead generation or conversion into customers. 

If your website is a platform where you already sell a service or product, use YouTube marketing to generate leads from viewers by using the right call to action. In your video, usually towards the end, make sure to tell your viewer where to find your website and include the appropriate links in the video description for viewers to either visit your website or sign up to your email list.

Business Insider encourages viewers to subscribe after every video, and links to another one of their videos in the last few seconds of every video, so that viewers can easily click and keep watching Business Insider’s channel.

Put the Social back in Social Media

YouTube is a platform filled with a wide range of creators and personalities, which adds an important human element to this social media network. People respond to people, and when leveraging YouTube for business as part of your marketing strategy, it’s important to remember to be social. Two ways to do this is to encourage cross-social sharing and reply to comments.

Being active and staying consistent on YouTube will help you stay ahead of the game. As you upload new content, remember consistency is key, so use a content calendar with a posting schedule that you can stick to. You’ll want to keep the viewer’s attention in the long run, so try to upload videos regularly to increase engagement with viewers over time. 

Social media mogul Gary Vaynerchuk runs the #AskGaryVee show, to which he adds an episode on a weekly basis.

The Keys to YouTube Content Creation

Video content works well when it speaks to a subject that both your viewer and brand care about. But, be specific about this subject by finding an element of your product or service where you can offer practical value.

This can be done through videos like:

  • Tips and Tricks: Providing useful techniques to improve the way something is done.
  • Tutorials / How-To: Teaching viewers how to do or use something. 
  • Brand Story: Communicating your brand through captivating storytelling.

Apple, with nearly 9 million YouTube subscribers, posts regular How-To Videos to show users how to navigate Apple iPhones, watches, laptops and televisions.

Now that you know what to create, how do you create it? You don’t necessarily need a big budget to create great YouTube videos. With the availability of technology, you can create and upload your videos directly from your mobile. Use the YouTube Creator Studio for royalty-free music and add end-screens to get your viewers to subscribe to your channel or watch your other videos.

Once you’ve created your video content, maximise your efforts by cross-sharing. You can take one long-form YouTube video, and break it down into smaller content pieces to share across other social media channels like Twitter or Facebook. Write a blog post on a webinar you uploaded, or create a 30-second promotional video for Twitter that links to your longer length YouTube video. These are just some of the ways that you can take your core YouTube content, and customise it for your audience on other platforms to consume.

GoPro, arguably the world’s leading brand on YouTube, uses the platform to showcase the capabilities of their cameras in between advertisements and tutorials.

How to Engage with Emotion

On an emotional level, the beauty of video content is how it has the ability to convey your message, tell a story and ultimately engage with your viewers

Creating YouTube video content that not only tells a story but engages with your customers emotionally, will grab and hold their attention. This platform has great potential to help you reach a wider audience and boost brand awareness in your marketing strategies. Use the platform to tell your brand story, in engaging and consistent ways, that will not only grow your online community, but lead to long-term engagement with lifetime customers. 

Aside from being a global brand with a global reach, Nike has mastered the art of telling compelling stories, in high quality ways, that have earned them millions of views.

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