#1 How long have you been in your position and what led you down this path?
I’ve been in the digital media field since 2009. What started out as a hobby turned into a career. My passion for digital media is what led me to this career path. I joined Dubai Media Inc in 2011 as Head of New Media and was assigned the task of creating the section from scratch. The section has rapidly grown to become a department in 2013. It is the first new media section and digital media department to be launched in the Government of Dubai and media organisations in MENA.

#2 What inspires you creatively?
Social media is what inspires me.

#3 What’s the best professional advice you have been given?
It was given to be by my father “leaders don’t command; they ask or request”

#4 What’s your favourite city and food and why?
My favourite city is London. It’s a very interesting place and like its structures and history. London is a big city and it always amazes me. When it comes to food my favorite is ‘Sushi’ because I can diversely eat it.

#5 What is your top tip for creating a successful social media strategy/marketing strategy?
He who fails to plan, plan to fail!

#6 What is your favourite thing to do outside of work?
I exercise, read and walk at the beach.

#7 What trends should we look out for when it comes to social/digital media in MENA?
Any new tool, platform, trend is a thing to look out for and consider especially in MENA as these present us with new ways of using or doing something.

#8 How’s social/digital media changing the way people in MENA consume traditional media?
Social and digital media have provided people with more opportunities to consume and express themselves. As A result people have become intolerant of traditional media and this is creating pressure on this type of media.

#9 What is the coolest social media/marketing campaign you have worked on and why?
Everything I work on is cool. My team and I are referred to as “the cool team”!  The most project I enjoyed working on however was Awaan. Awaan is DMI’s OTT platform which was relaunched recently. It was one of the first projects I worked on and I my vision was to treat it as a stand-alone brand. Today I am blessed and delighted to be able to see this happening.

#10 What are your favourite publications or blogs to read?
I read a mix of blogs and publications but I don’t really have a favourite one.

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