The Communication Pro’s Guide to Influencer Marketing

It’s time to leverage influencers in your content for maximum impact.

Here we look at some examples of brands that are getting it right and provide expert advice on working with the right influencers to improve your PR and content marketing. Learn how to:

• Find the right influencers and get them to work with you
• Make the most of those relationships once you’ve established them
• Measure the success of your influencer programs

Industry Report: Fast Food and Quick Service

Explore insights into millions of conversations about the top 20 brands in fast food:

• How does a brand’s popularity with consumers compare to its popularity in the media?
• Who are the key media influencers for the industry and for each brand?
• Who started a viral conversation around your brand, and how could you have responded? And more.

Is anyone listening? Make sure they do!

Galena, Illinois’ destination marketing organization has a track record of engaging influencers to tell their story, using data to craft relevant content, planning campaigns using trend metrics, and broadcasting authentic content on multiple channels.

They will discuss:

• How they get their message out
• How they monitor the message
• What they do with that information
• Measuring the impact of earned media

How to Effectively Benchmark Data in the Public Sector

At a loss on how to remain transparent while managing public relations in the public sector? Pick the brains of winning communications departments as colleagues from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration , National Transportation Safety Board and the U.S. Department of Energy share strategies!

Target Your Outreach

Here’s how you move past the “spray and pray approach” and start getting great coverage:

• First off, stop spamming journalists with your press releases; it’s obvious when you do, and they really don’t like it
• Create media lists that are highly targeted and timely using the latest keyword search technology
• Engage with influencers on their favorite channels

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