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Find, nurture and work with creatives using the Meltwater social influencer tool! Manage your social media campaigns from searching for influencers to creating their content schedule.

Why are Social Influencer Tools Important for 2020?

Influencer marketing has become a fundamental part of the digital marketing strategy. Using sponsored content, brands can utilise the creative's existing consumer base to generate brand awareness on social media and develop key consumer relationships.

With customer trust shifting to word of mouth marketing and recommendations, companies are investing in niche influencers to promote their brand. What can often be a tedious task, is made easy using Meltwater's influencer marketing tool. Easily navigate through over 30 million bloggers and creatives that are relevant for your campaign and determine the best influencer to be with the most worthy ROI.

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Social Influencers by Meltwater

The Meltwater influencer marketing tool enables brands to find, contact and work with creatives in a seamless process. By offering a breakdown of their engagement rate, social media profiles, audience demographic and portfolio of past collaborations, companies can make a 'Klear' and informed decision based on their experience and potential outreach for their campaign.

It offers brands the opportunity to dive deeper into an influencer's audience demographic looking into average age, dominant gender, their average income and key locations around the world. Data-driven insights like these provide brands with a competitive advantage, being able to clearly establish who their campaign will be presented to.

Extensive Contacts

Our extensive database contains more than 30 million blogs and global contacts in over 30 countries across Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas - allowing marketers to make an informed decision on who will promote their brand.

Efficient Workspace

Using a simple and efficient workspace, companies can consolidate all influencer marketing on social media into one platform. From searching for the perfect influencer to signing a contract with them, take full control of your campaign.

Actionable Insights

Using the Meltwater platform, marketers gain actionable insights as how to drive their content marketing on social media. For example, the audience breakdown highlights key insights about potential customers and how best to reach them.

Why Meltwater?

The Meltwater social influencer tool enables marketers to drive a full influencer campaign without leaving the platform.

  1. Using the 'find influencers' tab brands can navigate through the database in search for creatives that are covering a specific topic in their social media content.
  2. Then, they can use the 'overview' page to gain a full birds-eye view of the influencer's engagement, reach and audience.
  3. To look deeper into this, brands can use a keyword or hashtag in the 'content' tab to view relevant content in the influencers social media profiles to establish if the influencer is a good match.
  4. The 'demographics' tab is extremely useful for companies looking to target a niche audience through social media. This section allows them to clearly see who the influencer's primary audience is.
  5. One of the most important tools is the 'Klear' score which shows how highly the influencer is scored on the platform out of 100.