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Sodexo is a worldwide leader in quality of life services. In India since 1997, Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services is a market leader in India in the meal benefits space. They provide access to a wide range of services that improve the quality of life of their consumers. Because they improve daily life, promote work-life balance and recognize effort, their solutions have a positive impact on employee motivation and contribute to improving the performance of the organizations. They deliver services across two categories – Employee Benefits and Incentive & Rewards and Recognition. 

The Challenge

The need to build a social responsive brand to stay in pole position

The 2000’s has been the era of change for Sodexo. With the growing adoption of online schemes and benefits, Sodexo’s aim was to digitize themselves completely and stay relevant and at the top of their market.

In the past, the company did not monitor online consumer reviews and comments real-time; however; the boom in social media interaction motivated them to consider taking an active step to manage online reputation.

The digital team was interested in discovering the news, conversations and mentions about the brand within their internal and external firewall so that problems and queries could be handled at the root. Keeping abreast with the changing trends and industry news was another area the team wanted to explore.

We wanted to take constructive action to ensure that all online queries were addressed, not only on our social media handles, but also in the extended online ecosystem.

Suvodeep Das
Suvodeep Das Vice President, Marketing at Sodexo

The Solution

Comprehensive Monitoring and Reporting Tools

Sodexo recognizes that the reputation of the company is no longer in the hands of only the customer services team and that other departments within the organization are equally responsible for delivering a great customer experience. Sodexo is a best in class example where marketing, merchant relations and customer service teams collaborate together to handle consumer responses. With the help of Meltwater’s listening capability, the teams can discover all mentions about the brand in the vast online space that require acknowledgement, attention and action. With the procedure set in place, the concerned teams are able to address the consumer concerns right at the beginning.

At Sodexo, the marketing team runs several campaigns to promote the brand. It becomes crucial for a brand to measure these initiatives to manage the overall brand image. The easily consumable dashboards allow them to analyze the overall brand image in the form of graphs to analyze metrics like sentiment, media exposure etc. For example, monitoring conversation around the CHRO forum that is powered by Sodexo India. Other than this, competition analysis, observing industry trends and analyzing HR trends and employee benefits and reward schemes are other ways in which Sodexo leverages Meltwater’s search capabilities.

We got Meltwater onboard at a critical time when we were transitioning towards digital. The tool helped us become a socially responsive brand where other tools like Google Alerts used previously did not fulfill the overall objective in the right manner.

The Results

Meltwater enables Sodexo to:


Communicate internally with ease


Facilitate digital transition


Take action at the right time

Meltwater enables them to:

  • 1

    Communicate internally with ease

    “Email notifications and alerts have been the most beneficial for us. Our entire team including the marketing and customer services is notified of the brand mentions, conversations, competitors and industry updates real-time”- Sharon Batliwalla, Marketing Manager

  • 2

    Facilitate digital transition

    For Sodexo, Meltwater was one of the tools that aided digital transformation to help them remain market leaders and relevant in the era of change.

  • 3

    Take action at the right time

    “We are now adept to monitor competition, complaints and mentions that helps us get a clear picture of the market so that we are in a better position to anticipate and plan ahead of time”- Sharon Batliwalla, Marketing Manager

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