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MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières meaning "Doctors Without Borders" in French) is an international humanitarian medical non-profit organisation best known for its projects in conflict zones and in countries affected by endemic diseases. Founded in Paris in 1971, MSF has impacted and saved thousands of lives in their work to create medicines and vaccines for diseases such as HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis, often in poverty-stricken and unforgiving environments.

The Challenge

How to Measure the Impact of an NPO

The organisation wanted to strengthen rapport with the media community in India and to increase and sharpen media coverage of medical humanitarian issues and issues on public health of concern for MSF. The organisation was also looking for a way to monitor sentiments and conversation in the media and social media about public health issues and about MSF, the brand, and the work they were doing to help.

Over a year ago, we were developing new strategies to reach our target audience. An important element of the strategy was to find a way to measure the impact of our media outreach. We had been looking for a media monitoring solution for six months before we found Meltwater, and have been clients ever since.

Aditi Sonrexa
Aditi Sonrexa Media Manager at MSF

The Solution

Exceding Expectations: Came for the Measurement, Stayed for Everything Else

Since MSF began using the Meltwater Media Intelligence platform, MSF have used it in a number of different ways - from efficient day-to-day news monitoring, to understanding how the public feel about the sector with accurate sentiment analysis, to helping the organisation find journalists writing about public health while providing a historical overview of the individual's work.

Meltwater has exceeded our expectations - we began using the platform to be able to efficiently monitor our news and mentions, but it became even more valuable to us. It makes monitoring news more efficient, keeping track of changing and dynamic news about crises around the world has become easier and it has allowed us to successfully and closely follow important issues. The team has been really helpful with any kind of assistance we may need - often working on short and urgent timelines for us when the organisation needed more focused monitoring.

Meltwater Has Enabled MSF to:


Finally Measure the Impact of Our Media Outreach


Find Industry-Relevant Journalists to Write About the Work We're Doing


Efficient and Timely Day-to-Day News and Social Media Monitoring

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