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Fortis Healthcare

Fortis Healthcare Limited is a leading integrated healthcare delivery service provider in India. The healthcare verticals of the company primarily comprise hospitals, diagnostics and day care specialty facilities. Currently, the company operates its healthcare delivery services in India, Dubai, Mauritius and Sri Lanka with 45 healthcare facilities (including projects under development), approximately 10,000 potential beds and over 330 diagnostic centres.

The Challenge

Managing communication for a growing business

Fortis commissioned its first hospital in 2001. Since inception they have grown at a very fast pace in multiple cities across India specializing in various verticals across medicine. With the growing reach of the digital media and the company’s growth plans there has been a need to raise brand awareness across the country and manage its reputation. Gaining feedback and insight from stakeholders and tailoring its response and PR engagements, helps Fortis to strengthen its bond with the community it serves.

To do so, they needed to monitor their increasing coverage, stay on top of the industry news, discover new trends, gauge competition activities and find potential areas that could help various verticals in advancing to the next level. To fulfill these objectives, they needed a solution that could help them collate information in real-time and in an organized manner.

I wanted to have my fingers on the pulse of the media and industry to remain strong and competitive. I also desired a big picture view of all our PR activities, so I could more accurately evaluate our success and identify areas for more effort.

Raghu Kochar
Raghu Kochar Executive Vice President, Corporate Communications at Fortis Healthcare

The Solution

An umbrella for PR and communication activities

The corporate communications team at Fortis uses relevant keywords to search through Meltwater archives to monitor verticals within medicine such as cardiology, cancer research, transplant medicine, orthopedics, neurology, and pediatrics, to name a few. The evaluation of relevant and up-to-date articles helps them to stay abreast of current and new advancements. Besides brand coverage, they also monitor coverage around their spokespersons and other reputable doctors within the organization. This kind of monitoring helps the organization to obtain an in-depth view of medical practice and trending specializations, important in enhancing capability and brand image. The overall coverage aids the team to comprehend their share of voice within the media and other specific searches also help them to evaluate the competitive landscape for business.

The team juggles with outputs from various vendors and agencies and manages multiple tasks that are a part of their integrated communications strategy. Meltwater automates the collation of articles from online publications, organizes content and delivers insights through easy to glance dashboards, leaving more time for the team to look at other strategic thrust areas. The data provides insight on which issues are receiving proper exposure, and which key topics need additional focus, preparing the ground for the team to contact relevant journalists and potential publications for greater impact.

As we aspire to make India a global healthcare hub, it becomes crucial for us to monitor the Medical Tourism industry and tap into its growing potential. Meltwater has made it possible for us to do so, in real-time. Overall, the Meltwater Fairhair platform allows us to search deep, wide and within selective date ranges back in time.

The Results

Meltwater enables Fortis Healthcare to:


Address ad-hoc queries


React to crises


Get alerts and real-time updates

Meltwater enables them to:

  • 1

    Address ad- hoc queries

    The constant changes within the business environment, makes it essential for every business to tap into the potential of the evolving ecosystem. With the help from the Meltwater team, Fortis can extract relevant information and trends arising from significant developments in the economy. For example, a report on the impact of demonetization on various industries. “I may have a view on our industry but it is important to also assess the possible impact on related lead and lag sectors within industry to understand the extent of the impact”- Raghu Kochar, Executive Vice President, Corporate Communications at Fortis Healthcare.

  • 2

    React to crises situations

    The team can successfully anticipate how the situation will evolve and calibrate communications accordingly. Customized searches enable the function to keep a close watch on any situation as it evolves, helping the team to make realistic assessments and better plan a response.

  • 3

    Get morning alerts and real-time updates

    Unlike the print media, real-time online alerts by Meltwater help the team to gather relevant information, analyze and deep-dive into important issues. The access to information on an ongoing basis helps validate some assumptions that might have been made previously.

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