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Cairn Oil & Gas, Vedanta Limited

Cairn, Oil & Gas vertical of Vedanta Limited operates 27% of India’s domestic crude oil production. It has a world-class resource base, with interest in seven blocks including six in India and one in South Africa. It’s focus on India has resulted in a significant number of oil and gas discoveries. Cairn made a major oil discovery (Mangala) in Rajasthan in the north-west of India at the beginning of 2004. To date, 38 discoveries have been made in the Rajasthan block.

The Challenge

Incomplete and missing data points in news monitoring

The corporate communication team’s main objective is to portray the organization’s positive image in traditional as well as digital media. They ensure that people are talking positively and incase of any adversities they monitor the voices to find a quick solution. To manage this primary mission along with other secondary missions the team is divided into three verticals i.e. media and social media, Internal communications and design studio. The internal communications team corresponds internally for all-important announcements while the design studio is responsible for maintaining the overall branding. Through events, conferences, outreach activities, social media engagement and traditional PR activities the company spreads awareness and manages their reputation. The team was reliant on an external agency using a manual tracking mechanism to help monitor their PR and communication initiatives. This occasionally led to missing information causing unrest within the senior management team. It was then that the need for a robust automated real-time solution arose, that could help stay abreast with the latest news.

There were many dark zones which the traditional tools and mechanisms did not cover- certain sources and publications were not monitored and were not in real-time either. Therefore, we needed a solution to fill those gaps so that we do not miss out on what is the most relevant and important news to us-Team Corporate Communications, Cairn Oil & Gas.

The Solution

Managing crises by being alerted to relevant news

To bridge the gap, Cairn brought Meltwater onboard. The solution made their daily activities swifter and they were now in a better position to provide timely information.

With Meltwater the team was even able to track minute mentions and the most relevant information that the agency was not able to gather by linking hundreds of keywords together. Previous use of Google alerts did not let the team dive into data and differentiate on the basis if cities that led to lots of junk information that had to be followed by manual filtering. E.g. the Cairn River also got included in the results but with Meltwater using the ‘not’ Boolean logic, this could be eliminated from within the results to get relevant data points. The regional tracking capability by using vernacular language keywords helps them track their various drilling sites in local languages.

If we needed to make any communication around various situations, the initial signals come in the form of news via Meltwater’s tracking of relevant keywords. Our team now has enough time to prepare a timely plan of action for the management. It has made the process smoother and there is less panic at the time of emergencies, we feel relieved as we know we get real-time information-Team Corporate Communications, Cairn Oil & Gas.

The Results

Meltwater enables Cairn, Oil & Gas to:


Collate stories into easy reports


React swiftly to situations


Track new developments and brand coverage

Meltwater enables them to:

  • 1

    Track new developments and brand coverage

    The team places their trust in the solution to provide them with collated articles and mentions in a standard format that is easy to read and interpret. These reports are graphical and visually appealing along with the capability of being interactive for gathering deeper insights into each peak or dip within the graphs.

  • 2

    React swiftly to attention seeking situations

    The teams track and monitor news from the media, the tracking capability of Meltwater helps them in giving early signs so we can plan swiftly and in keeping abreast with strategy planning to contain or manage situations. These alerts manage reputation and reduce reaction time. For example, the reporting and action time was significantly reduced by over 90% from 24 hours to 2 hours.

  • 3

    Track new developments and brand coverage

    The team uses the tool to track government policies and local authorities such as marine pollution authority, petroleum resources development, finance ministry etc. to stay informed of important changes that might impact their business. Alongside, they also monitor their competitions actions and other industry hazards and top stories. With the tool, the team is also able to analyze their share of voice within the media and monitor their spokesperson coverage and their coverage in domestic and international markets.

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