5 Women in Tech We Can All Be Inspired By

5 Women in Tech We Can All Be Inspired By

Philippa Dods
2 October 2018

Like the rest of the world, women in India have been increasingly making their mark in the business world, particularly in previously male-dominated industries like STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), but across other sectors too.

Some of the world’s most successful companies hail from India with incredible and inspiring businesswomen steering the ship. We couldn’t be prouder. In addition, there’s enough research and evidence to show that having more females in teams fosters innovation, creativity, productivity and results in more revenue. For this week’s blog post, we decided to take a better look at who these women are and the work they’re doing.

Read on and, like we are, become completely inspired to take after these powerhouses.

  • Manjula Dube

There are several hundreds of women in the technology space in India who have worked relentlessly for what they’re passionate about doing – from coding to software engineering – and have gone on to do great things in their respective sectors.

Then there are women like Manjula Dube who, apart from focusing on her own career growth, is ensuring that hundreds of other women come out and make their mark in the tech space.

Dube is doing this by mentoring women who need guidance and helping women succeed in their careers. Today, she runs the Mumbai Women Coders initiative and co-leads Google Developers Group Berlin, all the while also focusing on growing her own start-up Geekabyte (coming soon – watch this space!). She’s currently also working for Berlin-based startup Talentwunder and is a big fan of Open Source, as well as being an international tech speaker.

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  • Shradha Sharma

Known as “the one who shattered the glass ceiling” and with close to 100k Twitter followers, Shradha Sharma is arguably one of the most famous entrepreneurs on our list which just would not be incomplete without her.

She is Founder and CEO of YourStory, an online media platform that shares the stories and start-ups of local entrepreneurs, investors and change makers. Since its launch in 2008, YourStory has published over 20 000 stories and, together with its sister platforms SocialStory, HerStory, YourStory TV and YourStory Research, the company has reached 60 million engaged readers.

What we love about the platform is that it works to democratize content by allowing contributors to tell their stories in their own language through text, voice or video. What we love about Sharma is that she’s become one of the biggest storytellers of India’s digital landscape.

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  • Meera Rawat

Currently the Chief Operating Officer at Barclay’s Technology Centre India, Meera Rawat is a global powerhouse. With experience across Sales, Marketing, Organisation, Coordination and Customer Service with impressive names such as ICICI Bank, Britt World Wide and Parker Hannifin, Rawat is one of the most dynamic and innovative personalities in tech, as well as clearly being experienced and qualified.

She places a strong focus on delivering large-scale strategic initiatives, challenging existing norms, mentoring and empowering future leaders and is a passionate contributor to diversity and inclusion in the workplace throughout the country.

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  • Ashvini Danigond

Ashvini Danigond founded Manorama Infosolutions in 2002 with a vision to provide unparalleled IT-enabled Solutions for Healthcare Industry. Today, Danigond heads the company as Executive Director and CEO, formulating and executing the company’s overall techno-commercial strategy.

Her initiatives to provide Quality services for Population Health using automation and analytics with innovation in ERP transforms user and customer experiences, opening new business opportunities. Tapping the breakthrough Technology along with software development expertise, she has developed Solutions addressing the needs of Healthcare. Her company delivers comprehensive portfolio of Healthcare Solutions and services catering to Public, Corporate & Global sector. With her incredible business acumen and effective collaboration, she has scaled and diversified her Company to International geographies reaching Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa.

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  • Kanika Mittal

“Courage, conviction, passion along with a good business sense to know when to call it quits are a must have for all startups,” says Kanika Mittal.

A corporate honcho with a keen eye on the entrepreneurial space in India, she ardently promotes community building, especially for women entrepreneurs. A leader with expertise in retail marketing, Mittal is passionate about gender equity. Positioning the brand as women-centric, she found her expression in launching the #FitToFight and #GirlsFight campaigns for Reebok, where the company pays tribute to the women achievers who have defined personal odds to achieve success.

Today, she heads Sales and drives revenue for Twitter India’s largest business portfolio. With this role intersecting marketing, technology, digital-first thinking society, Mittal says she has found her passion that she can drive with purpose.

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