#MarketingMinds twitter chat wrap up: Influencer strategy

#MarketingMinds twitter chat wrap up: Influencer strategy

Perri Robinson
5 August 2015

What’s the best way to tackle influencer strategy? Funny you should ask, that’s the topic we discussed in our most recent #MarketingMinds chat. Don’t worry, we’re here to share the scoop because we’re nice like that!

Q1. What makes an influencer an influencer?

@IdeaMajesty, @megan_j_hughes, and @thejbrads believe that an influencer is somebody who is recognised as an authority or expert in their field; as such people go to them for advice. @AgentPalmer and @CommsBar disagree stating that an influencer is defined not by what they say, but what happens after they have said it.

With another perspective, @sambibby comments that brand advocates are also influencers in their own right, as they often sway the opinions and the behaviours of their peers by gushing brand love. We should therefore also be targeting this group of customers for our influencer strategy.

Q2. What’s the best ways to identify influencers whose areas of interest align to your influencer strategy?

As @megan_j_hughes and @hst point out, we can find influencers by listening to others in our field and seeing who they’ve expressed an interest in. @akathmadevi, @harro, and @PeterLingua explain that this can also be easily done via social media monitoring. Media  and social media monitoring tools, such as those offered by Meltwater can do all the work for us by showcasing top posters and key theme word clouds so that we can zero in on regularly mentioned names. Alternatively, @AdotIdotspace mentions Twitter Lists as a good place to start researching our key topics, while @THINK_Lyndon says asking the people we want to influence who they turn to for advice is a good tactic.

@akathmadevi advises that when kick starting an influencer strategy, don’t purely act based on the number of followers or likes; engagement is one of the most important metrics to consider for our influencer strategy.

Q3. What is the best way to engage with influencers?

@megan_j_hughes, @THINK_Lyndon, @AngelWestPR, and @akathmadevi all think that the best way to engage with potential influencers is to offer feedback on their work and discuss subjects that are of interest to them and to us. From a brand advocate perspective, @sambibby suggests we encourage them to create content, for example through competitions. Moreover, @sambibby reminds us not to forget to look inside the business and consider colleagues who could make great online influencers.

Q4. What should you avoid when engaging with influencers?

@THINK_Lyndon reiterates that we must be cautious of making assumptions about a potential influencer’s power to affect change based on the fact that they have a blog, a high Klout score, or a large social following. @IdeaMajesty and @PeterLingua comment that a clear lack of research only puts people off from engaging, whereas @thejbrads simply states to avoid sucking up to influencers. Meanwhile, @PRADEEPSARAF expresses the need for alignment in brand values when it comes to choosing someone for our influencer strategy, as contradicting brand values only sets us up for disaster.

Q5. Who is the top digital influencer in your industry?

We were able to build a diverse list of influencers, as chat participants span across a number of industries. Here are a handful who were mentioneid:

  • @jeffbullas: Content marketing influencer
  • @jaybaer: Marketing
  • @elearnindustry: eLearning
  • @JGcauses and @vinspired: Third sector