Marketing Toolkit: 5 Sites to Bookmark

Marketing Toolkit: 5 Sites to Bookmark

3 August 2015
We understand that headcount can be tight when working for a nonprofit or small business. Marketing teams often end up taking on social media management, PR, and graphic design. To help the multifaceted marketing generalist deliver on all these responsibilities we’ve listed some websites that are essential for building a marketing toolkit. Look them up and book mark them now!

Marketing toolkit essential: Improve Facebook management

LikeAlyzer analyses our current Facebook page status in just a few seconds, making it the perfect website to add to our marketing toolkit. Anything that saves us time is fine by us, right? The site offers insights into what’s working in our Facebook strategy makes recommendations on how we can improve. Read more about the wonders of Likealyzer and what it has to offer.

Marketing toolkit essential: Keep up to date with news

Newsmap is an interesting site, and a great marketing tool kit for those of us who dabble in PR. The site allows us to identify hot topics in the press by country and industry, perfect for increasing brand awareness through newsjacking.

Marketing toolkit essential: Connect with pros

Tweetchat Twitter chat platform is the perfect site to add to our marketing toolkit for those times we want to engage with industry pros on certain topics. Many Twitter chats are hosted on this site daily, and we’re always sure to find one relating to our industry. Check out Meltwater’s #MarketingMinds chat on Tweetchat every Friday at 3PM UK time.

Marketing toolkit essential: Speak the language 😎

We previously discussed how brands make use of emoji in their messages to successfully boost engagement. As such, is one site that deserves a rightful place in our marketing toolkit as it allows us to post emoji from our computer!

Marketing toolkit essential: Create animated gifs

Most social media platforms support gifs, so use them! We often hear about the shift to visual communication, and what better way to capture the attention of our audience than to use moving imagery. allows us to either create our own gifs, or use a gif from their library.

Marketing toolkit essential: Create memes

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past five years, you’re aware of the meme phenomenon. Easy to understand and easy to share, memes are a great way of boosting our visibility; once again comes to the rescue and earns its keep in our marketing toolkit.