How to Stream Facebook Live into Your Marketing Strategy

How to Stream Facebook Live into Your Marketing Strategy

Perri Robinson
2 September 2015

Considering the tremendous success of live streaming, it was only a matter of time before Facebook incorporated it into its own product strategy. Sure enough, Facebook Live was announced earlier this month. While Live is currently only available to verified accounts, Facebook has made it clear that once the Guinea pig phase is over, the service will eventually be rolled out to the likes of us brands.

Why Should We Care About Live Streaming?

Because our audience cares. A lot. Live streaming already plays a big part in social strategy, and this post discusses how brands can use Facebook Live, so our Facebook marketing strategy is prepared for when it gets even bigger.

Content Marketing Strategy Gold!

With Facebook Live, viewers can throw themselves into a personal, engaging, and interactive experience. They have the chance to watch content as it happens. Brands will be able to use Live to show behind the scenes clips. For example, fun office antics can be great to air for recruitment. Adidas used Twitter’s live streaming platform, Periscope, to show football legend James Rodriguez signing his contract extension for the company—way more interesting to fans than reading a press release, right?

Announce New Product Releases

Facebook Live can also be used to reveal new product releases, and once rolled out, will be a great way to boost conversion. The fact that our audience can comment and interact in real time means that brands can see step in to straighten out any question marks and turn them into much more appealing exclamation marks.

Improve Customer Service

Facebook Live Q&A sessions can help us show that our brand is authentic, transparent, and therefore, trustworthy; all of which are vital ingredients of a successful marketing strategy. Q&A sessions pave the way for great customer service through problems solving, especially as Facebook’s on demand feature allows viewers to go back to the video later for reference. Live Q&A sessions can also help cut costs by freeing up manpower and allowing us to address FAQ to a crowd of viewers rather than individuals.

Share Breaking News

The real time nature of Live will allow Facebook to mimic some of the characteristics of Twitter; brands should therefore adapt their marketing strategy accordingly. Traditionally a platform for evergreen content and storytelling, Facebook will become a place for real time news sharing rather than a place for our audience to solely discuss their reactions to the news.

Improve Message Clarity

If a picture says a thousand words, a video must say a million. Written messages can easily become lost in translation, causing damage to our brand. Video messaging offers brands the chance to better articulate their messages and build context through emotion, so our audience can connect with us more directly.

So there you have it, a few options for brands to incorporate Facebook Live into our marketing strategy. If you have any new, interesting, or cool examples of brands using live streaming drop a comment in the box below!