The Savvy Social Media Maven’s Guide to Media Intelligence

You’ll get:

  • Step-by-step advice on integrating media intelligence into your day-to-day planning and execution of social media initiatives
  • Real-world examples of how companies are navigating the wild world of social media and amplifying their messages
  • Tips on proving the success of your programs
  • Modern Marketing in the Boardroom

    Learn how to:

    Establish clear, far-reaching strategy in perfect alignment with finance, sales, product, HR, and other departments

    Build a team with all the skills necessary for modern, data-driven marketing

    Anchor your reporting in performance metrics, competitive analysis, and benchmarking


    The Communication Pro’s Guide to Influencer Marketing

    Recent research shows that consumers trust influencers more than they trust the information coming from a brand. Now more than ever, your message is competing with traditional media, word-of-mouth, online reviews, blogs, and more.

    What can you do to ensure your customers and prospects know who you are and why your products and services are better than the competition?

    Here we look at some examples of brands that are getting it right and provide expert advice on working with the right influencers to improve your PR and content marketing. Learn how to:

    • Find the right influencers and get them to work with you
    • Make the most of those relationships once you’ve established them
    • Measure the success of your influencer programs

    11 Lessons That PR Professionals Need to Learn in a Digital World

    Learn how to

    Reinvent every aspect of PR from sending press releases to measuring the impact of your message to winning over influencers

    Fine tune PR and marketing messages to better engage your audience

    Benchmark everything you do to quantify your results—and improve them