Conduct a Facebook Analysis and Bring Home the Bacon!

Conduct a Facebook Analysis and Bring Home the Bacon!

27 July 2015

How do we know if our Facebook page is optimized and well managed? A quick and simple Facebook analysis check using Meltwater’s LikeAlyzer search tool can show us. And to top it off, it costs nothing. Yes, you heard us right, it’s absolutely free! To demonstrate the tool we’re going to run a Facebook analysis for Nike and Adidas, benchmarking the two brands to see who’s coming up trumps. Place your bets, please!

Facebook analysis of page information and milestones

Both Nike (below left) and Adidas have entered a sufficient amount of page information, thus allowing the audience to easily identify whether they’ve landed on the correct page. Liking other pages is a good tactic for increasing reach and growing your community. Learn more about the benefits of being an active Facebook liker. Another insight that our Facebook analysis will reveal is whether we’re including enough historical milestones on our page. Highlighting important events enables us to tell our brands story and connect with our audience on an emotional level.

Facebook analysis of page performance and engagement

Our Facebook analysis shows that while both brand pages have millions of likes, they’ve both underperformed. Growth in the number likes is a good indicator of page momentum, but not always page success. The PTAT (People Talking about This) section of the Facebook analysis better signifies whether our Facebook presence has lived up to its potential. Adidas has double the amount of buzz compared to Nike, although the amount is still relatively low considering the number of fans. PTAT is also reflected in a page’s engagement ratio. LikeAlyzer research shows that we require a commitment of at least 7% to be successful. How’s your ratio?

Facebook analysis of statuses, images, and videos

Our Facebook analysis shows that Nike is slightly lagging behind in terms of the amount of new content they’re posting, uploading one post every two weeks compared to Adidas who are keeping things fresh and uploading at least one post a day. However, we can see an uneven balance between images and videos when looking at Adidas’s Facebook analysis compared to Nike who keeps a healthier balance in order to retain engagement.

Speaking of engagement, the average length of Nike’s and Addidas’s posts are spot on. Facebook is a great platform to tell a story, and fans don’t expect to see the whole brand history in one post. That’s what hyperlinks are for! LikeAlyzer’s Facebook analysis also evaluates the timing for posts. We see that the timing of Adidas’s posts is off, offsetting their greater frequency.

Our Facebook analysis tells us that the best time to post for Nike is between 9pm to 12am GMT (bearing in mind that this is an international page), and the same goes for Adidas which isn’t surprising considering the similarities in audience. However Adidas posts between 12pm and 3pm GMT. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: the dark days of monologue marketing are over. Engagement is about dialogue. And how do we create dialogue and conversation? By asking questions! This is something that both brands should work on improving.

If you’re interested in running a Facebook analysis, enter your brand’s Facebook link into Likealyzer and try for yourself!