Get Inspired By The 7 Most Innovative Companies In India

In this age of accelerated growth and fierce competition, innovation is absolutely necessary – something that the 7 most innovative companies in India understand.

The reality is that India’s economy has been painting an increasingly positive picture over the last couple of years. Everyone really sat up straight and listened properly when the figures reflected it – the national GDP of India showed an incredible growth rate of 7,5% in 2015, which earned it the title of the world’s fastest-growing economy. A major cause of the economic growth of any country is its industrial development, and India is no exception. Over the last few years, the nation has produced a number of start-ups and enterprises that are adopting innovative techniques, strategies and technologies to succeed.

We are most inspired by these ones:

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1. Noora Health

A pioneer in this space in India, Noora Health combines education with healthcare, by “teaching those who care the most help those who need it most.” The organisation trains patients and their families with high-impact health skills to improve outcomes and save lives.

At Noora Health, they tap into an available, highly compassionate and willing resource – the family member. Hospital hallways and waiting rooms are turned into classrooms where family members learn hands-on health skills. Family members can practice these skills in the hospitals before returning home, where families can eventually return with confidence.

Noora Health makes our list for being an organisation that is using innovative ways to reduce return hospital visits (especially as India is facing extreme overcrowding in hospitals), reduce the incidence of preventable complications, and replace anxiety with confidence for the caregiver.

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2. Reverie Language Technologies

An incredibly innovative company with a proud local flare, Reverie Language Technologies aims to create language equality on the Internet.

45% of Internet users who speak Indian as a first language, face challenges in text input – this Language-as-a-Service Platform (LaaS), Reverie, lets users type in their mother tongue. The multilingual search function lets businesses be discovered by those who speak the same language as them and it ensures that proper nouns like names and addresses are not only translated but transliterated – meaning the closest corresponding letters of a different alphabet or language are used in translation. As well as all of the above, Reverie also helps businesses set up their websites and apps to become global or multilingual businesses.

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3. Innoz

Innoz does the impossible: it connects the unconnected; it brings the Internet offline.

With only a quarter of the Indian population able to access to the Internet, Innoz is changing the way India and the rest of the developing world accesses and uses the Internet.  Starting with the simple premise to bring a search engine to offline users over SMS, Innoz has served the needs of information-hungry users who cannot access or afford to pay for an Internet connection.

To date, their SMS platform has processed over 1 billion queries of hundreds of millions of users in 10 countries. Innoz believes that Internet users will be the drivers for online Broadband users and so by enabling leapfrog access through existing technologies such as SMS, they can be a key contributor to bringing the Next Billion Online.

Innoz, we will be watching this space!

innoz most innovative companies in india

4. The Ugly Indian

It certain parts of India, pollution is so severe that the Air Quality Index has been averaging over five times more than what’s considered dangerous for people.

What does an innovative entrepreneur in Bangalore do about this?

He speaks at a TEDx conference, drawing attention to the fact that citizens are shrugging their shoulders and saying, “nothing can be done,” or “it’s not my fault”. He then begins a movement, called The Ugly Indian, through which anonymous groups of motivated volunteers clean the streets of India.

The organization believes that the impact, not the names of individuals, is what’s important – and so chooses to have their volunteers stay anonymous. In order to bring about change, they believe that everyone should take responsibility for their actions and show respect for individual surroundings. There are few things more rewarding than using innovation to drive positive environmental change.

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5. Tectotron

How many times have you seen someone on a hoverboard glide across your television screen, suppressed your desire to own the product and said, “wouldn’t have launched in India yet.” It’s a similar case with many uber-cool tech products that fascinate us all over Facebook videos and viral articles, but just seem too far out of reach. This is the exact problem that Tectotron is solving.

24-year old Teja Reddy, with a lifelong interest in technology and recent work experience in the US, UK and China, began the ecommerce platform at the beginning of 2016 after returning to India. He was motivated by what he had seen abroad, and dedicated to changing the accessibility of high-tech products to Indians.

On their website, you can find anything from 3D pens, anti-gravity iPhone cases, solar power banks, and chips that allow you to call your missing car keys. Whether you’re a “techie” or not, the products offered on Tectotron are exciting as well as user-friendly, and range from everyday products to the weird and wonderful.

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6. Signzy

Signzy is a fintech company that makes the regulatory processes for financial institutions safe, secure and compliant. Using Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, the company enables their clients to adapt digitization and offer fully digital experiences to their users. Founded in 2015 in Bangladore, Signzy already has an impressive list of global clients and has won dozens of awards, including awards for being an innovative fintech company and the three co-founders being listed on Forbes India 30 Under 30.

They make our list of Most Innovative Companies in India for entering a previously risky industry and completely improving processes and systems, thereby changing the way people view the financial sector at large.

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7. Inspirock

Usually, planning a trip requires hundreds of visits to travel websites, research on hotels, cities and airlines, and time – something that no one has enough of anymore. Inspirock helps you plan vacations with ease.

Inspirock uses sophisticated technology; its database includes 230 million facts about tourist attractions, which are fed to an algorithmic engine that produces itineraries based on travellers’ preferences.

While this aspect of the site is complex, creating a user-friendly interface became the team’s biggest focus while developing the site. Co-founders, Anoop Goyal and Prakash Sikchi, both raised in India and holding computer science degrees from Stanford, went through three different iterations of the interface before settling on a model. The interface continues to evolve as the team makes it more intuitive and introduces new features.Today, Inspirock is the only trip planner that can build a custom itinerary spanning entire regions or even multiple countries – based on your precise preferences such as whether you’re looking for an active or relaxed holiday, somewhere that’s child-friendly, whether you enjoy learning about the culture and history of a location and how much leave you can take from work.

Saves us time, money and effort while planning our next holiday? Sign us up!

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In every corner of India, there are budding entrepreneurs, start-ups gaining momentum and the potential for a complete digital revolution led by innovative minds and technologies. At the risk of repeating ourselves, we cannot stress it enough: emerging markets, such as India, are the most promising for exponential, disruptive innovation – so watch this space.

It’s been said that “If you want to innovate, listen.” So if you’re aiming to keep your ear close to the ground, then best ensure you’ve got the social media monitoring tools to hear an idea drop. Get in touch with the Meltwater India team to see what these tools can do for your company.