This Week’s Overwhelmingly Magnificent PR Blog Posts (9/27/13)

Happy Friday! As you wind down your workweek, don’t miss out on these great PR blog posts:

Why Most Startups Don’t ‘Get’ Press

from our friends at First Round Review

Brooke Hammerling says that most startups don’t need full-time agencies or in-house support – read why, and get some great tips for doing your own early stage PR with limited resources.

5 ‘Breaking Bad’ Takeaways for PR Pros

from our friends at PR Daily

For all you Breaking Bad fans out there, this is a fun blog post with valuable PR lessons learned from the problems characters face in the show. Even if you don’t watch it, you may learn (or at least be reminded of) some important tips for staying out of trouble.

8 Tips for Managing a PR Crisis Like a Pro

from our friends at Crain’s Detroit Business

If you have a communications crisis, have you thought of every possible scenario that could get in your way of properly handling it? Read this article for 8 ways to plan ahead, so you’ll be prepared for your worst PR nightmare.

Whose Job is Social Media?

Who handles social media in your company? PR? Marketing? Customer Service? As a cross-functional medium, it can be unclear who should really be in charge of it. View the results of The Creative Group’s study to see what others are doing.

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This Week’s Epically Awesome Social Media Blog Posts (9/27/13)

There was a lot of great social media related content on the interwebs this week! We’ve picked our favorite 5 for this week’s epically awesome social media blog posts! Check them out, which was your favorite?

Beyond Story Bumping and Last Actor: The State of Facebook’s News Feed

from our friends at Eli Rose

Many brands have seen a negative impact from Facebook’s more recent algorithm updates, and this blog post explores what those are and gives some possible fixes. Definitely a must-read if you’ve seen a drop in engagement!

6 Creative Ways to Use Embedded Facebook Posts

from our friends at Social Media Examiner

One of the tips to overcome challenges created by the new Facebook algorithm is to use embedded posts more – check out his article if you want to see 6 different ways you can do just that!

25 Awesome Social Media Tools Your Brand Should Be Using

from our friends at Social Media Strategies Summit

Ok, ok… so this actually mentions Meltwater Buzz at the very tip-top of the list, but also has 24 other (although perhaps not equally) awesome tools you may want to consider for social listening, social conversation, social marketing, social analytics, and social influencer. Check it tools – good tools can make all the difference!

How Does B2B Marketing Work on Google Plus? 4 Top B2B Tech Company Examples

from our friends at TopRank

It’s one thing to say what brands should be doing on social media, but it’s quite another to actually show it. This article is a must-read if you want to see how real brands are doing Google Plus right (and get some ideas on how they could be doing things better).

How to Attract More Social Visitors Using Vine

from our friends at Impact

With 40 million registered users (and growing!) and a strong push from Twitter, Vine is going to be an important tool for brands to get familiar with. This blog post is a nice introductory piece about what Vine is, and how you can use it to drive engagement.

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Facebook Post Edits Now Possible

Typo in your Facebook post? No worries, now you can edit!

How many times have you noticed a typo in a Facebook post and gone through the process of deleting and re-publishing to fix the error? What a pain! Well, no more “delete editing” needed – Facebook has announced that over the next few days it will roll out a new feature that allows users to edit their posts.

At launch this feature will be available on and the Facebook Android app. The edit function is not included in the latest app for iOS, but is expected to be included in the next update.

The best part, making a Facebook post edit is quite simple!

Users will see an “Edit Message” option when they click on the down arrow in the upper right corner of their post. Selecting this option will allow users to edit and modify as needed. When edits are complete simply select “Done Editing.”

Post editing has long been a hot topic for Facebook and its users. On one hand users wanted a way to easily edit, on the other hand they were concerned about edit trickery.  A few months ago I asked followers on Facebook School whether users should be able to edit Facebook posts, I found about half preferred no editing because of the risk of malicious editing.

For instance, I could post “like if you love Coke” and many of my friends would click like. Then I could go in and edit the word “Coke” to “Pepsi.” My Coke loving friends would be unhappy with this edit and their recorded “like” of the rival soft drink company.

Good news, Facebook has this covered. All edited posts will include an edit history so that users can see changes made to all edited posts.

I love that Facebook is putting more and more functionality in users’ hands; placing the responsibly for ethical use into hands of users feels like the right direction.

What do you think about the ability to edit posts on Facebook?

Marketing Tech Blog: How Email Alerts Drive Better Social Listening

Using social listening to stay on top of trends and find content to curate is a challenge faced by even the most experienced marketer. The sheer quantity of conversations and variety of topics makes finding those few valuable tweets or posts a daunting task when done by hand or using free tools. Our partner, The Marketing Technology Blog, uses Meltwater Buzz in its social listening efforts to cut through the noise to find valuable nuggets that will resonate with their audience.

Douglas Karr, veteran blogger and founder of The Marketing Technology Blog, receives daily email alerts from Buzz that include tailored posts and some simple metrics. In his post Meltwater Buzz Updates: Curation, Value and Authority, Douglas describes how daily emails from Meltwater Buzz help him remain an authoritative voice in the marketing technology world.


This social listening campaign looks for posts on mobile marketing. Simple analytics give an overview of the day’s posts.


The social listening email alerts start with a high-level breakdown of each campaign, with the keywords driving the search, numbers of hits per channel, and a word cloud that displays the prominence of each topic or theme.


The list of full results from your social listening campaign includes views, rank, date and channel, along with action items for a quick response.


The remainder of the email gives a full list of the social listening results, including the potential audience (reach) and the authority (rank).

To read the full article and learn more about what Douglas looks for, head over to The Marketing Technology Blog.

Questionable Stock Photos: Butterflymenco

I need more wind beneath my wings.

Our Questionable Stock Photos series was born out of one too many strange, ill-conceived photographs surfacing on a stock photo site when a perfectly well-meaning marketer is just trying to find an image for a customer newsletter.

This week’s contenders were many, but Butterflymenco won out due to it giving us the most pause when we tried to think of what on earth the photographer was trying to accomplish with it.  And, in the spirit of that fascinating and unanswered question…


1.  The Flamenco Academy of Dance presents: Señora Butterfly

2. Looking for Ways to Build Your Child’s Resiliency?  Check out Carpool Costumes ‘R Us!

3. Marty’s Bargain Barn: Discount Halloween Costumes ON SALE NOW – Huge Price Reduction!

4. Recently Divorced?  Free your Inner Butterfly!  (Personal Coaching Ad)

Feel free to submit your own marketing scenarios via the blog comments.

If you’ve run across a questionable stock photo and would like us to think of marketing use cases, or would like to share your own, please tweet a link to the pic @meltwater with the hashtag #stockpic and we’ll be sure to give it a gander.  If its questionability isn’t in question, we’ll enthusiastically feature it here on the blog.

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