10 Takeaways from Adtech, New Delhi, 2017

10 Takeaways from Adtech, New Delhi, 2017

Parneet Kaur
19 March 2017

An event that is known to bring together media, technology, marketing professionals and brands under one roof. This extensive event saw the participation of over 6000 attendees and brought out a mix of new ideas, creative thinking, and marketing strategies for the new age marketer. Be it seasoned or a new entrepreneur or a budding professional these new ideas and technologies are monumental for proactively driving the business to the next level. The Meltwater participated in this epic two-day interaction and here are a few important lessons we learnt at the event.

  1. ‘On the go’ is the future

Various sessions focused on mobile, which is justifiable with the advent of 4G along with other digital initiatives by the Indian government being focused towards Internet and mobility. One of the sessions depicted 42% of India’s mobile phone users prefer local languages that indicate a demand for vernacular content on social, websites and apps to drive traffic and engagement. Another session also focused on monetizing mobile traffic to generate revenue for your apps and mobile business, which is a very relevant topic in the current scenario.

  1. Programmatic marketing and advertising are taking over by storm.

Targeting the right customer is becoming hugely important as programmatic advertising gains popularity. Relevancy and customer retention have become buzzwords for the ‘On Demand’ consumer who expects contextual and insight driven engagement. With the growing reliance on technology for media transactions, all digital media channels are shifting towards programmatic execution. Sessions were geared towards discussing adoption of programmatic for brands in India and perhaps the challenges for programmatic media.

  1. Affiliate marketing is the way to go forward

Affiliate marketing is not dead rather it is still growing. The high prices of AdWords and the increased sophistication in attribution tracking tools have pushed marketers towards affiliates. They are now able to track the performance at each step of the funnel. At Adtech, we interacted with various affiliate networks in India. As consumers increase their time spent on digital, brands too are looking for innovative and alternate methods of attracting customers and affiliate marketing has proved to become one of them.

  1. Technology and innovation are becoming the underlying force for many organisations.

Immense advancement and great tech ideas ruled the show. Social media was used extensively to drive engagement during the event and sessions. Live streaming led to immersive experiences. VR and augmented reality were seen to becoming more mainstream, even the complimentary gift was a VR box! There is a strong focus to find a balance between technology and human instincts to support current and future business requirements.

  1. Growth of start-ups in India

Gauging from the various conversations we had with attendees at our booth and at networking opportunities, we came across many freshly funded start-ups with digital innovation at its roots. For e.g. platform that allows the use of multiple Facebook live videos and another that allows a user to showcase relevant ads while calling a contact through the mobile phone and so on. With all the various digital initiatives the government is undertaking, 2017 seems like the year of technology start-ups!

  1. IOT is the new focus for businesses

We all have heard of IOT making noise in the tech world. We saw interesting conversation at Adtech on how businesses are leveraging the IOT technology. We mostly get to hear about IOT from a developer’s perspective but opinions from marketers offered a unique angle at the session. The panel also discussed the rise in beacon technology and its potential to transform the Indian shopping industry.

  1. Video, Video, Video!

The rise in the usage of social media channels has impacted the viewing and search behaviour and definitely the way in which we consume content. The focus on mobile and smaller screens along with shorter attention spans of the new generation user point towards video content. User behaviour has propelled the YouTube advertising network to launch quick 5-second video ads transforming the advertising industry. Sessions discussed some next-generation ad formats and methods for video based on augmented reality. The panel on OTT and on-demand’s meteoric rise shared video ad metrics and referred to live video as the new powerful tool in the online marketing toolbox.

  1. Adapt to stay ahead of the curve

Evolve or Die as they say! With constant changes in technology, every business and entrepreneur must be open to experimenting with more innovative strategies to evolve with the changes. One must take advantage of the agile state of the industry and break away from the traditional methodologies. E.g. one of the sessions shared the digital transformation and growth story of a traditional brand Patanjali that helped them in gaining a massive market share.

  1. Focus on automation

The growth of online channels has propelled the adoption of marketing automation. Therefore, it is crucial for organisations to effectively connect the dots between technical possibilities and strategic opportunities that are reshaping marketing. Amongst all this, real-time data is the core of what’s powering modern marketing. As a part of tech transformation, data at every step is now synced with automation platforms ensuring that best possible experience and engagement is offered to the consumer.

  1. Lastly, ‘People buy from people’, so build relationships and connections at events to expand business opportunities. Use the physical presence to create a great customer experience and first impression that will eventually build trust in your brand and drive people to become loyal customers.

“The level of conversation was impressively high. Any MarTech individual should be at this event if they want to jump ahead of the curve”- Adele Coelho, Head of Marketing, IME at Meltwater.

My observation at AdTech New Delhi was positive. We found ourselves inspired and refreshed with ideas and with deeper insights about the quickly evolving marketing industry.