10-Minute Makeover: Improve Facebook Page Performance

10-Minute Makeover: Improve Facebook Page Performance

Perri Robinson
28 July 2015

Every once in a while our home needs some redecroating. The same is true with our Facebook page. You’d be surprise what a 10-minute makeover can do to improve Facebook page performance.

Complete the “about” section to improve Facebook page performance

An incomplete “about” section gives the impression that our page isn’t legit, or professional for that matter. The types of information provided will vary from business to business, but include links to their website, blog, and Instagram accounts or other relevant social channels.

Tip: Use a link shortener such as Bitly with unwieldy URLs.

Update your cover image to improve Facebook regularly

As the Internet becomes more and more image based, be sure to feature engaging cover image to boost Facebook page performance. Our cover photo is the first thing our audience sees when they land on our page. We’ve got about 3 second to capture their attention and make it as easy as possible for visitors to figure out who we are and what we do.

Tip: Use an image that’s clearly relates to the product or service being offered and ensure that the image is at least 851×314 pixels for optimal rendering.

Post at the right time to improve Facebook page performance

When we speak it’s nice to be able to expect that someone will be listening (that is unless we’re singing in the shower). Tools such as likealyzer.com provide us with a Facebook page performance health check while offering advice on improvement. For example, this search tool will pinpoint the best time to post content on our page in order to ensure maximum engagement.

Tip: Try and include a call to action within every post to spur engagement. Some examples: “like if you agree,” “share to win,” or “tag a friend who would love this.”

Share the love (or at least the like)

Liking other pages will help increase our reach… that is if we engage with the page. This can also help us to expand our community.

Tip: Learn more about being an engaged Facebook user by reading our previous article 3 Reasons Your Company Should Like Other Pages on Facebook”

Add milestones to improve Facebook page performance

Facebook is the perfect medium for brand storytelling. It’s the perfect outlet for highlighting turning points in our history makes as a way of connecting with the audience emotionally.

Tip: Record key milestones in photos. Examples include product launches, snapshots of your humble beginnings, and individual employee achievements.