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With Meltwater, you can now quantify your PR impact. Using our intuitive dashboards and one-click reports, it’s easy to demonstrate campaign performance and ROI.


Understand your brand through the eyes of your local and global target audiences. Optimise your social marketing efforts by using the largest directory of social and online content in the industry.


Understand the growth of your competitive landscape in real-time. Flag opportunities and anticipate future threats to stay ahead of the competition.


We map your strategy to your competitive environment. Ensure the most important external forces are accounted for and incorporated into internal strategies, across teams and countries.

Case Studies

Tracking both international news coverage as well as popular China channel such as WeChat and Sina Weibo means that we can cater for both Western as well as Mainland Tourists.

With the assistance of Meltwater’s Social Influencer tool, the whole process from the activation to the reporting became seamless.

With the on-going evolution of Meltwater Services, this helps companies to keep abreast of the latest news in the market with relevant analysis. The prompt response and professional attitude of the client service team is much appreciated.

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