Publicizing a Mother of a Competition, One Media Contact at a Time

Tough Mudder

Tough Mudder is a grueling 10-12 mile mud and obstacle course that tests physical strength, stamina, and resolve. To help fuel their explosive growth, Tough Mudder turned to Meltwater to identify and engage journalists and monitor coverage on a global, national, and local level.

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The Challenge

Engaging Reporters and Monitoring Coverage

In six short years, Tough Mudder has hosted more than 200 events for 2.5 million participants on three continents. Prior to Meltwater, the company lacked a formal press outreach strategy, so identifying journalists and opportunities for news coverage was a time-consuming, manual process. Ineffective tracking tools created further challenges.

Whether placing stories in national publications like the Huffington Post or community papers like the Tahoe Weekly, metrics were hard to come by. Assessing the impact of PR required considerable guesswork.

We have events on three continents and attract contestants from around the world,” says Tough Mudder’s Jodi Kovacs. “Our previous solution wasn’t catching everything, which made it difficult for us to effectively and efficiently track coverage 24/7.

The Solution

Thinking Globally While Acting Locally

Tough Mudder leverages Meltwater’s global media contacts database to generate goodwill with local and national audiences, one story at a time. They’ve configured their Meltwater solution to alert them in real time to coverage of their multiple brands, accelerating access to insights. In the event of an opportunity or a crisis, local or global, a response can be quickly formulated.

Meltwater’s quarterly performance reports also enable Tough Mudder to dissect the impact of traditional and social media, track successes and areas for improvement, and do big-picture, year-over-year comparisons. “These insights reveal the added value of PR, something we’ve not been able to show in the past,” said Kovacs.

Using Meltwater, we’ve been able to spot hyper-local content and surface global coverage that we weren’t able to track before. We also have metrics on reach, impressions, and share of voice that we need to show the impact of our efforts. Our previous tools just couldn’t keep up.

The Results

Meltwater Enables Tough Mudder to


Identify and engage highly targeted and receptive journalists and publications


Monitor coverage on both a global and hyper-local scale


Measure and assess the impact of their PR efforts

Meltwater Helps Tough Mudder

  • 1

    Identify and engage qualified national and local media

    “Meltwater’s media services have been super helpful in identifying reporters, what they cover, and organizing them for outreach. This helps us generate new leads and appear in new publications.”

  • 2

    Provide real-time coverage alerts and facilitate internal sharing

    “When Vogue UK interviewed our COO Sarah Harvey on the rise of female participation in the endurance sports industry, it was months before the article appeared online. Meltwater helped us monitor its appearance and quickly share it internally and across channels.”

  • 3

    Measure KPIs, benchmark, and track year-over-year performance

    “Meltwater’s quarterly and yearly reports deliver deep insights into our performance so we can surface hidden trends and benchmark against key competitors. We always know how we’re stacking up and what we need to do to stay ahead.”

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