Twitter chats. What are they? Cyber debates around specific themes following designated hashtags; a community of professionals shedding light on topics in a Q&A format. An opportunity that isn’t utilised enough by companies…

Hosting a Twitter chat offers a number of benefits to the host, but also a wide range of advantages for the participants too!

What can participating in Twitter chats do for us?

·         Twitter chats improve credibility around our brand:

Twitter chats provide us with a route to share tips and tricks around a well-defined theme. By participating, we have the opportunity to position ourselves as industry experts and thought leaders. If participants perceive our brand to be knowledgeable, they’re most likely to also think we’re a trustworthy and credible company.

·         Twitter chats improve brand visibility:

By participating in Twitter chats, we will inevitably be followed, retweeted or favourited, that is if our ideas are relevant and insightful! Moreover, other professionals in our industry become exposed to our brand if we participate in Twitter chats via our corporate Twitter handle. Social media monitoring tools, such as Meltwater’s Media Intelligence platform, offer us insight into how many people have seen our brand via brand impression and post click-through metrics so that we can understand the ROI from participating.

·         Twitter chats are fun:

Even if it’s a part of our work day, Twitter chats are always fun! Meltwater’s #MarketingMinds chat takes place on Friday afternoons at 3PM UK time to round up our week doing something that is both entertaining and beneficial. Most participants are laid-back and open to debate and banter, this is the time to create new ties with a large number of people and make friends with industry influencers.

·         Twitter chats can increase our community

Participating in Twitter chats can also help us to increase our following, especially if we build a bond with an influencer as we can piggy back on theirs. Meltwater provides #MarketingMinds chat wrap up blog posts each week detailing key discussions and crediting participants on their ideas. The wrap up blog is often highly shared as chat participants circulate the blog with their community, who share it with theirs and so we see a domino effect.

What not to do in Twitter chats:

·         Be silent! It’s a chat guys, join in and talk! Sure we have great ideas and opinions, but what good is that if we don’t share them? Sharing is caring.

·         Respect others thoughts. Twitter chats are a debate, so be prepared for disagreements. Disagreements don’t necessarily mean that somebody is in the right or wrong, so let others express themselves. Remember why we’re participating in the chat: to have fun, learn and meet new people- not to argue

·         Follow the rules of the chat. For example, in #MarketingMinds, we think it’s best to include the letter A (for answer), followed by the question number when responding to a question. This helps the twitter chat to flow.

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